GMA is launching its first street-legal supercar, the T.33. Only a few months after launching the more powerful track-only T.50


$33 million is what it took to develop this tamed beast, the T.33 is a tuned-down version of the 641-hp T.50, running on an engine that makes 50 horsepower less. The huge investment was spent trying to make the necessary modifications to meet all the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, but the result was worth it, giving supercar lovers the chance to try this T.33 on public roads for the first time.

The modifications included a two-seat configuration instead of just a centered one. And a tuned-down V-12 engine that makes 592-hp and meets all the emissions standards and drive-by noise. The body also was strengthened to pass all the crash tests successfully

The result made CEO Phillip Lee satisfied when they exposed both the T.50 and T.33 side by side on the Quail, during Monterey Car Week; the special event known for showing off the most extreme supercars to a wealthy audience. GMA also took the occasion to announce the imminent opening of a U.S headquarters somewhere in east Florida. 

Opening the new headquarters is not the only big move planned by the company. GMA has announced a busy schedule that includes the switch to a new production facility in 2023 moving all its production equipment from Dunsfold U.K to Windlesham. The move will happen between the end of production of the T.50 model and its actual deliveries start in 2024. 

The T.50 and T.33 are both limited to 100 units each, with a price of $2.5 million and $1.9 million respectively. The high price didn’t stop those wealthy enough from buying; the stock was sold out almost immediately after the announcement.

The good news doesn’t stop here; Phillip Lee announced two other models coming in the pipeline, promising a more refined driving experience in the future.

What sets GMA apart is their extreme patience and attention to detail:  "every single thing on the motor car of the car is a piece of engineering art, even stuff owners will never see" The boss said, he even cited an example where they spent  12 months and $1.5 million trying to optimizing the feel of the analog knobs.

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