2023 GMC Canyon AT4X Teaser Preview


In recent years we’ve seen several new impressive trucks emerging in quick succession, next in line is the Next-Generation Canyon Off-Road AT4X.

The news came in the form of new teaser images, released by GMC and showing what it calls the “next-generation" Canyon, promising the fans an off-road trim.

Judging by the photos, we can already see that the truck will come ready to take on some rocky roads, with 7-inch bead-lock-capable wheels. But as it’s customary, the bead-lock rings will only be available as an after-sale option. The wheels are fitted with the very capable Goodyear Wrangler Territory M/T, an interesting update from the Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac tires used on the ZR2. However, no one is sure about their size, judging by its peers, the new Canyon will most likely have 33-inch tires. To finish all that, the Canyon AT4X will have rock rails to protect it against damage on rocky roads.


2023 GMC Canyon AT4X Teaser Preview


GMC didn’t disclose much about its new truck, outside of the outer layer and the wheels, the rest is all guesswork. Especially when it comes to the suspension, following in the steps of its immediate predecessors in both the ZR2 and AT4X lineups, the new Canyon will most likely be equipped with impressive Multimatic DSSV dampers. Another important feature that we can expect is the front and rear electronic locking differentials, necessary to offer driving flexibility when on uneven roads. The truck also should have increased height, a skidplate package, a trailer hitch, and front towhooks.

Being advertised as "next-generation." can lead us to expect some radical powertrain changes. The two current options include a 308-hp 3.6-liter gas V-6 and a 2.8-liter Duramax diesel with 369 lb-ft of torque, which is good enough. But GMC also has a lot of room for improvement, especially when you consider that the current Canyon is at least 7 years old!

Other powertrain options may include the turbocharged 2.7-liter gasoline I-4 engine coupled with a 10-speed automatic transmission. If used with some other new technology, the combination will truly make the Canyon an all-new truck, far away from the conventional one we still have now.

The new Canyon AT4X needed this updated badly, the truck itself is good enough, but a lot has happened during its long years of service, leaving it lagging behind some more advanced models on the market.

GMC has also promised more technological perks, like a camera on the bottom of the side view mirrors and a keyless entry button, two new interesting features that leave the doors wide open for hope and imagination.

Anyway, in a few days, we will be able to behold the new Canyon in all its glory. Precisely on August 11, 2022, at 11:00 a.m. ET. With deliveries starting in the spring of 2023.

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