The car enthusiast in your family might be the hardest person to shop for, but keep in mind they probably know they aren’t getting that expensive supercharger or ram-air hood they wanted as a holiday gift. For these car and truck enthusiasts however, protecting their vehicle is something they do every day of the year, so vehicle protection accessories are a great way to give them something they will really appreciate, without breaking the bank.

Molded Dash Covers

Coverking Molded Carpet Dash Cover

Dash covers protect the top of the vehicle’s dashboard from the effects of ultraviolet rays, but it’s important to find covers that fit perfectly. Covers such as Coverking’s Molded Carpet Dash Covers, feature a Thermo-formable backing that is molded to the exact contours of the vehicle, and retains its shape for the life of the cover. It’s also important to utilize dash covers that are airbag compatible. Molded Carpet Dash Covers feature airbag cut-outs and work with factory sensors. Because these dash covers are one-piece, there are no additional seams or stitching, and are available in a variety of colors. 

Frost Shields and Sun Shields

Coverking Frost Shield Protector

If your holidays take place during a Southern California heatwave or a New York white-out, the car enthusiasts on your list will enjoy a frost or sun shield for their vehicle. Coverking’s Frost Shield Protector for example, fits over the top of the vehicle’s windshield exterior, protecting it from frost and snow. It attaches in the front doors and has heavy-duty straps so it won’t get stolen or blown away in high winds. Made from the company’s ballistic nylon, the frost shield is ultra-tough, yet soft and non-absorbent so it easily shakes off snow and moisture so it can be rolled up and stored away. 

Coverking Sunshields

Coverking’s Custom Sunshields are designed specifically for each vehicle year, make and model so it has a custom fit. Unlike universal fit shields that can bunch up or leave open areas exposed, Coverking’s Custom Sunshields are made using 3D scanning equipment to create a custom pattern from high-density foam that is laminated between two layers of Mylar and an aluminum coating. This provides optimum protection from heat and ultraviolet rays, and the sun shade keeps its shape after years of rolling and folding it up. 

Tailgate Pads

Coverking Velocitex Tailgate Pad

No matter how much truck owners pamper their vehicles, they’ll eventually have to carry some kind of cargo in the bed. For most truck owners, that’s usually another toy like a bicycle or paddle board, or work related items like a ladder or lumber. Some of these items might extend past the tailgate, so a gift like Coverking’s Velocitex Tailgate Pad makes a great accessory. The pad features a soft cushion that protects the tailgate from dings and scratches. It attaches with a strap-lock that ties it to the trucks’ internal harnesses. To keep items from shifting on the pad, Velcro straps are included that hold them in place, and the pads are available for full-size and mid-size pickup trucks.

While these are just some examples of premium quality gifts that won't set your budget back, they're sure to be useful and appreciated by the car/truck enthusiast in your family. In addition to theses accessories, there are a host of other vehicle protection products ranging from a variety of custom fit Car Covers, to colorful and protective Seat Covers and more on the website.