HondaHonda and lg energy solution announce factory in ohio



A new partnership deal is announced between Honda and LG Energy Solution, the fruit of this venture will be a new EV battery plant in Fayette County, Ohio. 


Honda closed a new partnership deal that will help it build a new EV battery factory near Fayette County, Ohio. So after Sony and Gm, Honda’s new partner is LG Energy Solution. This initial estimate is $3.5 billion, but the two companies are already prepared to spend up to $4.4 billion to make this project a reality.

According to local news reports, the chosen location for the production plant will be near Jeffersonville, OH. exactly 40 miles from Columbus, OH, and around 50 miles away from Honda's factory in Marysville, OH. To facilitate the building and later the production operations, the Ohio Department of Transportation will launch a renovation and maintenance project for the roads surrounding the area. 




Honda and lg Honda and lg energy solution announce factory in ohio



Construction is set to begin in early 2023. And Honda aims at a maximum production of 40 gigawatt-hours of lithium-ion battery packs each year, starting 2025. This considerable production volume will be exclusively used in Honda- and Acura EVs. 

Honda currently relies on GM’s electric platform to produce its EVs, including the upcoming Prologue and Acura ZDX in 2024; this explains the technical similarities between Honda’s electric models and those of GM. For example, we find exactly the same 121.8-inch wheelbase in the Honda’s Prologue as in GM’s Cadillac Lyriq and Chevrolet Blazer EV. 

This new Factory will help Honda break out of its GM dependency; the company plans to start using its own e:Architecture starting 2026. Honda and LG didn’t share any information about the design and production of these new EVs, but there’s no explanation needed to deduce that the brand’s future EV production in the US will be centered in these two neighboring factories.



DashHonda and lg energy solution announce factory in ohio



It’s interesting how Honda is multiplying its partnership agreements to accelerate the development of its EV technology and production capabilities. This strategy started with the development of a new EV platform with GM, and then a similar deal was signed with Sony to develop and manufacture a new EV before 2025. So this last agreement with LG is just another episode, and it may not be the last. 

Honda is also simultaneously focusing on the development of a new series of Electric bikes. The project includes the design of 10 new pure EV two-wheelers from various segments, including what looks like a sports bike. 

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