Honda Unexpectedly Announces Three New Cars


Apparently, Honda has been keeping secrets, everybody assumed that the brand is still hesitant on entering the EV market, but this week we had a pleasant surprise! Honda uncovered three electric models, all scheduled to be on the market by 2023. Other than the fully electric Honda Civic Hatchback.

The gift box delivered to us included a new Honda CR-V, a brand-new hybrid SUV and another SUV based on the previously announced e: Ny1 prototype

Two years ago, we discovered the e: Ny1 prototype which back then was nothing more than a concept with a bit strange three door design, now we see that Honda decided to build on that, in the hopes of delivering a good SUV, able to compete in the world market. Honda is still holding on to the important details, all we know is that it’s an electric SUV, and we have a rendered picture to keep us patient.

We have a similar situation with the other two models, Honda refrained from disclosing important information, and we can already see the long trail of teasers coming our way. However, we know that the Honda CR-V will enter the European market in two trims, a full hybrid and a plug-in hybrid, which is unprecedented in Europe.

For the other mysterious hybrid SUV, Honda is urging us to stay tuned for more information, all we know is that it’s a hybrid based on the Honda HR-V.


Honda Unexpectedly Announces Three New Cars


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