HyundaiHyundai ioniq 5 n will use a fake gearbox and noises to make the driving experience ice like



The upcoming Hyundai Ioniq 5 N will feature fake engine noises and fake gearbox functions to make the driving experience more exciting.


One of the drawbacks of electric vehicles is the dull driving experience, the negative impact of silent electric motors is even more obvious in performance-oriented models.

Hyundai however, is willing to tackle this issue. The Korean carmaker is currently working on a driving experience-enhancing package that includes artificial engine noises and a fake gearbox. 

Hyundai calls it the N e-shift, its main job is to recreate the DCT feels found in traditional ICEs which includes noises, jolts, and vibrations. To create artificial noises, you ought to have some real engine noises in the first place, and Hyundai chose the i30 N as a source.

Hyundai has already put the N e-shift on display in the RN22e concept car. The noises we heard there were not exactly the growls of an ICE engine, but they were pretty close! Now the N e-shift is making its way into the upcoming Ioniq 5 N, and we will be able to examine the final result upon release.

Hyundai Executive Technical Advisor Albert Biermann explained that the goal was to be as close as possible to the familiar sounds of the i30 N hatch and the Elantra N.

He confessed that the job was not easy, but there was no way around it, the Ioniq 5 N must have real engine noises



ioniqHyundai ioniq 5 n will use a fake gearbox and noises to make the driving experience ice like



The N e-shift is currently in the final development stages, Biermann said that his team is working on adding a rev limiter and other various sounds. He also said that the package will be dubbed the Virtual Grin Shift, following the current naming strategy of the company.

“Obviously, in traffic, you won't want to use paddle shifters in the Ioniq 5 N, so you just turn it off by pulling both paddles at once,” said Biermann.

Unlike real ICE cars, the artificial sound effects open the door to endless possibilities, the manufacturer can constantly enhance the sound quality and add new sounds. Car owners too will eventually have the liberty to express their sound preferences and add their own custom noises.  

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