Those who love exploring new things will absolutely love Hyundai Santa Fe 2024 new look and performance. We find the most evident change on its external design. It quit curves to adopt more straight lines getting a wider space inside, mainly for storage.


HyundaiHyundai Santa Fe Revamped



Hyundai Santa Fe is a SUV designed to be a familiar vehicle. It is equipped with advanced security systems and hi-tech features. This South Korean brand knows that comfort and security, specially during family or long-haul trips, is priceless and that’s why this new version comes with great changes in this matter, not just aesthetic or motor changes.

The fifth-generation comes with major changes. Remember this vehicle came to life in 2000 and immediately became one of the SUV pioneers around the world. With this new generation, Hyundai definitely wants to continue being a pioneer in this matter.


A Bold External Design

This all-new robust external design has a front grille which is divided by a line of LED light which has in both endings an H shape of daylights, calling the attention to any pedestrian on the streets. These H-shaped lights are also found on its tailgate, now located lower than it used to be to give a largest size to the tailgate that now hasn’t support ‘columns”.

The design of this tailgate not only invites people to new experiences because it blossoms into a ‘terrace’, but also provides more storage capacity which could be up to 725 L by fully folding second and third seat rows. This means 95 L more capacity than the previous generation.

This is one of the largest SUV Hyundai produces with sizes of 4.83 m length, 1.90 m width, 1.72 m height, and an axel distance being 2.82 m, competing with similar SUVs produced by its closest rivals.

Its design seems to be focus in two different things showing a more classical front face and a more disruptive rear. Both the external design and size give to the Hyundai Santa Fe 2024 a more American look. 

Into the innovations this vehicle offers, we can find also a hidden-type assist handle to access the roof. So, no more stairs, chairs or whatever you use to access the roof causing scratches and dents to the vehicle. This will allow you ‘climb’ easier to the roof. 

The Hyundai Santa Fe 2024 comes in 10 different colors and 21-inch alloy wheels. Rear cameras connected to the digital center mirror allow a full rearview in the inside center mirror display.



Hyundai SantaRefined details



Spacious Togetherness

Inside, changes are also evident once we open the door. Something not seen at a glance is the recycled materials used to manufacture the floormats and seats’ back, its design is simple but elegant, and fully of contrasts.

The cockpit has a very exquisite touch and is very focus on details. Its panoramic curved dual-display 12.3-inch integrated is perfectly located, not too high not to low and has some kind of protection that allow drivers to perfectly see the information displayed in a sunny day. 

The Hyundai Santa Fe 2024 inside also presents dual wireless charger, bilateral multi-console, UV-C sterilization multi-tray, heated and ventilated first row seats, 5 to 7 seats, and much more.

Either the second and third seats row are very roomy, with a comfortable space for legs and between the passengers’ head and roof.

“Openness is a door that leads to the unknown, and helps you let your imagination run wild and make your biggest dreams come true.” Taken from Hyundai’s official site.

And that’s what we see when observing a Santa Fe 2024. A vehicle with an open design which leave us the feeling of space, comfort, and innovation wherever you look.



experiencesNew experiences



Engine, Confirmed and not Confirmed

It is confirmed that this vehicle will be propelled by gasoline and hybrid engines this side of the planet and hybrid only for Europe. The hybrid feature is not the unique eco detail, it will be built using new manufacturing process focus on lowering carbon footprint.

Not confirmed, but some say that it will be powered by a turbo charged engine 2.5 L producing 281 Hp and 421 Nm torque, connected to an n eight-speed dual-clutch DCT gearbox.

In a naturally ‘breathing’ engine, this SUV delivers 194 Hp and 245 Nm torque, linked to an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

The hybrid version will come with a turbo charged engine with 180 Hp of power and connected to a six-speed automatic gearbox.



All newAll-new


About Safety Systems

Santa Fe fifth-generation offers HTRAC all-wheel drive, a serial security system which includes detection of pedestrians, automatic emergency braking, adaptative cruise control, lane centering, and some other first-class assistance and safety systems.

But why the design we see in Hyundai’s web pages from USA and other LATAM countries are so different? Well, I think they haven’t updated their gallery, yet. So, don’t panic! I am showing the new version design as you will see it at the beginning of 2024. Photos taken from Hyundai official web page (see below). 

About the cost. Well, it could vary when finally arrive to this side of the planet during the first quarter of 2024, but I found it will cost about $57.000 dollars. So, prepare your wallets! 

Remember, with your feet on earth while reaching your dreams!