JIDU Unveils First Concept Production Robocar


JIDU, the Chinese carmaker is leading the way into a new era of car technology through its new ultra-advanced robocar, the ROBO-01.

JIDU has benefited for years from Baidu and Geely’s backing, assisting the intelligent electric vehicle company in making the most advanced robotic car so far.  At the first-ever ROBODAY event, the public had the privilege to witness firsthand all the technological novelties features of the First Concept Production Robocar, the ROBO-01.

The main technological features in ROBO-01 are an active deformable structure design, 3D borderless one-piece large screen, zero-gravity seating, AI pixel lights, and dual max-computing chips. In addition to a highly advanced AI system, called JET, short for “JIDU Evolving Technology”, the system supports efficient and safe autonomous driving solutions, SOA-based intelligent cabin, and millisecond-level offline intelligent voice assistant.

JIDU made it very clear that ROBO-01 has a lot of moving parts, making the car extremely adjustable. And giving the owner a dynamic driving experience. ROBO-01 is equipped with a set of fully adjustable structures, including front hood collapsible LiDAR, active liftable rear wing ROBOWing, foldable U-shaped steering wheel, liftable satellite speakers, and adaptive zero-gravity seat.

Starting with the LiDAR system, it’s a unique version developed and patented by JIDU. It enhances the safety and stability of the intelligent driving system. With the extra perk of being collapsible, in case of an imminent crash, the AI system will automatically collapse the LiDAR, effectively improving the car’s safety.

When it comes to the dashboard JIDU focused on clarity and efficiency, a principle that inspired the U-shaped steering wheel which facilitates monitoring and control over the large ultra-clear screen. The unique steering wheel can also be entirely folded and hidden when the self-driving mode is activated.

Comfort is also one of the main focus points in the ROBO-01 concept car, this goal was achieved through lightweight and breathable zero-gravity seats, heavily influenced by spacecraft seats. Long trips won’t be a problem in this car, the seats wrap around the drivers, and the swan neck-shaped headrest will adjust automatically to the passenger’s head and neck, increasing the comfort factor inside the cabin.

The main feature of ROBO-01 is of course the self-driving capabilities. The system is called Apollo and it has been tested extensively and perfected on the company’s Robotaxi fleet, already operating in 30 Chinese cities. The system has accumulated a whopping 27 million kilometers of safe autonomous driving test mileage. Apollo got a lot of positive feedback, especially about its performance on complex urban roads and high-traffic areas. 

The Apollo system relies on thirty-one external sensors, including two LiDAR, five millimeter-level wave radars, twelve ultrasonic radars, and twelve cameras. 

JIDU's Self-driving system has three main modes; high-speed, urban roads, and parking. Apollo has proven itself in handling unprotected left turns, traffic light recognition, obstacle avoidance, and freeway on/off ramps. Giving the car unprecedented autonomy in a wide variety of driving situations.   

JIDU’s work didn’t neglect entertainment in its first Robocar, the boundless integrated ultra-clear large screen will cover driving navigation, game entertainment, online office, and other scenarios.

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