DesignFord offers eight tips for maximizing ev range as winter approaches



Kahn Design debuted a new alteration of the Fiat 500e, the Kahn Design tuning kit turned the cute Fiat 500e EV into a mean-looking little monster.


Fiat delivered this year the cutest production EV ever, perhaps too cute. That's what Kahn Design’s engineers and designers were thinking about while working on this special tuning kit.

The cool thing -according to Kahn Design at least - is that the kit will fit on the Fiat 500e convertible, the hard top 500e, and even the upcoming Abarth 500e.

We know for a fact that American drivers have a long love story with mean-looking cars, but Fiat opted for a tame and cute final design, and that leaves us wondering what would the American consumer think of when the 500e finally comes to the US shores in 2024. So maybe this Kahn Design will make the car more appealing here.




Ford offers eight Ford offers eight tips for maximizing ev range as winter approaches



As the saying goes, it’s all in the eyes, the first eye-catching detail on this Fiat is the new angry headlights, replacing the innocent-looking original lights. Other changes include a Gloss Onyx Black grille, a satin black front bumper valance, a ceramic gray hood, and extended side skirts. More aggressive features were incorporated on the car’s rear as well, namely the ark-tinted taillights and a masculine bumper with a prominent diffuser.

To complement all these visual features, the tuning company added a new suspension lowering kit. The system was developed by H&R and it puts the 500e at an inch lower than the original, giving it an edgier air that goes well with the new aggressive garbs it’s wearing. And the icing on the cake is the Fondmetal four-spoke lightweight 18-inch alloy wheels, finished in Hyper Silver.

The interior can be summarized as follows; the leather is vegan and the color palette is endless, as a way of Keeping up with the customization and sustainability themes of the car.

Just like on the exterior, the cabin needed one final distinctive detail, this final touch came in the form of a carbon fiber retro-style two-spoke steering wheel. 

Naturally, beauty comes at a price, the total cost of the customization options we talked about here is $23,100. Kahn however is offering the items separately, so if the budget is tight, you can go for a more moderate kit.

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