Kia Motorskia ev9 release date



Kia has just shown off its new EV9 SUV — and it's looking pretty good.


Kia Motors is giving a sneak peek into the automaker's full-size electric crossover expected to debut in early 2023. The Kia EV9 SUV has been undergoing testing and engineers are aiming to get it ready for production as soon as next year.

The new EV9 SUV is expected to feature a more extended battery range and greater efficiency than its predecessor. It's not yet clear when it will be available in the United States, but it will likely go on sale in Europe first.




electrickia ev9 release date



Kia Motors has been testing the electric Kia Niro crossover SUV over the past few months in South Korea. The new all-electric vehicle is currently undergoing trials at Kia’s research and development facility, which is a fully-equipped testing site with a wide range of road conditions. Kia’s goal for the Namyang facility is to help the automaker meet the challenges associated with driving.

This new SUV is looking like the next big thing on the market in terms of coolness. From the vehicle's front end, we can see vertical headlights and two horizontal trim pieces stretching across the back.

Compared to its concept predecessor, the body itself has lost some chunkiness, but there's still a kink on the window line that's carried over from the concept. 

The general public is getting more familiar with the Kia brand as they continue to make a global impact. One of the many reasons consumers think of the brand is their forward thinking when it comes to EVs, like this SUV Concept.

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