Kryptek Typhoon Seat Covers

Coverking’s Kryptek® seat covers utilize this advanced 3D camouflage pattern that is used on the company's heavy-duty 500 Ballistic fabric, or Neosupreme seat cover fabric. This provides a great-looking seat cover with a high-level of protection against abrasions, tears and accidental punctures. The material is also UV treated and features a water-resistant lining that helps to reduce rotting, mildew and stains.

Kryptek swatch close up

Manufactured using precise 3D scanning, the Kryptek® seat covers are easy to install and perfectly fit the contours of the vehicle’s seat. Depending on the application, the seat covers come complete with headrest, armrest and center seat/console covers and utilize heavy-duty zippers and fasteners.

Kryptek with MOLLE storage system

Coverking’s Kryptek® Ballistic seat covers are available in three pattern/colors, Typhoon (charcoal), Mandrake (green), and Highlander (sand), each with a unique blend of transitional terrain and foliage that makes this camouflage design one of the most popular for military and outdoor enthusiasts. Neosupreme covers are avaialble in 10 different colors.

For those wanting the next level of tactical appearance and capability to their seat covers, Coverking® offers tactical seat backs, that include a six-pack MOLLE storage system, providing quick access to tactical equipment or outdoor gear. More information on the Coverking® Kryptek® Seat Covers or any of the company’s Skanda® line of tactical and camo seat covers and vehicle accessories are available at


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