RivianLatest rivan software update adds range to r1t and r1s


Rivian announced a new OTA update that includes a range increase on bothR1S andR1T models.


Models with an all-wheel-drive configuration will benefit from a net increase in their range capacity, following a new update with no hardware modification. Customers can also examine the new changes on the Rivian official website, using the online configurator that allows them to choose and experience various features online.

The range increase allows the R1T to go for 328 miles instead of 314. The changes on the R1S are more modest, the SUV now offers five more miles than the original 316.

When visiting the online configurator, customers will discover that the range increase is not the only change on the menu. Rivian removed the range estimates for the dual motor, and large battery option combination, and has also removed the full-size spare option.



Latest rivanLatest rivan software update adds range to r1t and r1s



Surely, we shouldn’t be so quick to judge, the EV start definitely has good explanations behind these changes, but for the time being, we can only speculate. Supply chain issues can be the real reason behind these sudden changes; missing parts from the inventory could cause uncertainties about the vehicle's final design and performance. Or maybe the company is simply preparing for other updates that will further alter the performance of its vehicles.

It’s worth noting that this is not the first major modification on the R1S and R1T since their launch. Rivian has already modified or suspended some accessories, mainly the gear tunnel, foldable kitchen, roof tent, cross bars, and spare tire. In a previous statement, the company said that the gear tunnel and kitchenwill be redesigned and launched in a new and more practical form, without providing more details about the other accessories. 

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