Lexus Upgrades RC And RC F For 2023 To Improve Handling



The Lexus RC and RC F are getting a new update in Japan, changes that may spill over to the US in the near future.


The main change in both models, starting from 2023 is the switch from bolted wheels to those with built-in studs. Changing the connection with the axle hubs may seem like a small negligible change, but Lexus says that it will improve the handling and steering feel of the cars and reduce unsprung mass. In reality, it's highly unlikely that any driver would feel the change, but this attention to detail boosts confidence in Lexus’s meticulous work, or as the company used to call it, “The Pursuit of Perfection.”.

This is not the only update though, starting from January 9, new owners should expect a couple other modifications on their new RC or RC F. First, the F Sport variants of the RC will have a new wheel design. It was made by Enkei, and it’s said to represent a sense of high dynamic performance. The RC F will get two option wheel designs, both made by BBS. A 10-mesh-spoke design in Super Black Metallic, or a 10-spiral-spoke design.



Lexus Upgrades RC And RC F For 2023 To Improve Handling



On a more technical aspect, the paddle shifting mechanism got improved, Lexus made it smoother and better calibrated to the slightly stiffer front and rear end on the RC F. this improvement is the result of revised springs and dampers. The new paddle shifters will surely have a huge impact on performance and ride comfort.

The new RC and RC F will also benefit from some new Lexus and Toyota safety features. From now on, the camera capabilities will include cyclist and pedestrian detection both during the day and at night. The already available Oncoming vehicle detection will now have the ability to detect vehicles that may be turning into the car’s path. Other features will include emergency steering assistance, lane tracing assist, and enhanced radar cruise control.



Lexus Upgrades RC And RC F For 2023 To Improve Handling



Finally, on the comfort aspect, the infotainment system of the RC will come in a new 10.3-inch unit. The instrument cluster was also redesigned to have a more rounded shape, matching the clock, and gauge faces. The air vents also had to be reconfigured to match the new curved design.

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