Enthusiasts of electric vehicles are excited to hear that the first Lordstown fully-electric truck is now available for delivery.


After years of development, production, and testing, the first-ever full-size electric trucks are becoming a reality now. Lordstown is expected to deliver the first electric truck for customers soon. According to the automaker, the first cars have been offloaded from the Foxconn EV Ohio facility for delivery after reaching the EPA and CARB certifications.

The first batch of full-size electric trucks has left the plant, with production continuing in line with previous guidance. In fact, production will be driven by the weekly availability of tooling and automated production lines with one cell each on every line, creating a high degree of repeatability, consistency, and quality control.

“I am very proud of the Lordstown Motors and Foxconn EV Ohio team for their hard work, grit, and tenacity in achieving this milestone. We are very excited to start delivering vehicles to our commercial fleet customers. The EnduranceTM will provide benefits to customers that use their vehicles for work. It optimizes key attributes of traction and maneuverability - with our in-wheel hub motors, safety - with our five-star crash performance, and value in the segment,” Lordstown CEO and President, Edward Hightower, stated.

The truck itself is certainly innovative, putting this particular company at the leading edge of EV manufacturing. It is a full-size, multi-purpose pickup truck with in-hub motors powered by an all-electric drivetrain which was designed with fleet operating companies in mind, allowing them to maximize fuel efficiency while reducing noise and emissions.

This is a promising step in the direction of electric vehicles. Although other EV truck alternatives are coming later this year, the Lordstown Endurance looks like it has the potential to perform quite well.

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