Anyone who has stored their vehicle in the garage over the winter, knows that someone will eventually set a box on top of it. No matter how large or small the garage space, there’s a likely chance your vehicle could get scratched when ladders, bicycles and bins get moved around. This is why Coverking® designed its Moving Blanket Custom Car Cover. Made for car enthusiasts who store their vehicles indoors for long or short periods of time, the Moving Blanket cover provides a premium level of protection with its quilted and padded surface that’s similar to a moving blanket. Like all Coverking® car covers, the Moving Blanket cover is designed using 3D scanning to produce a custom fitted cover that fits the curves and features of the vehicle. 


The cover has two layers of fabric with padding designed to protect your vehicle against accidental bumps and scratches. The underside of the Moving Blanket car cover features a soft liner that won’t damage the surface of your vehicle, and with elasticized edges around the corners of the cover, it fits snug to keep out dust and dirt. Designed for indoor use, the Coverking® Moving Blanket Custom Car Cover is available in black or gray, and comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty. For more information on the Coverking® car covers or any of the company’s line of vehicle protection products and accessories, visit