NASCAR Might Run EV Racecar 2023 Electric Vehicle Racing


In a very uncharacteristic move from NASCAR, the racing series may be considering the introduction of electric cars into the competition, starting with a demonstration series.

Although the idea doesn’t sound so terrible, a large portion of hardcore fans may find it hard to accept. The push towards electrification is led by the major car makers participating in NASCAR, and the whole thing was revealed in a leaked document.

There’s no official confirmation that the leaked information is real. But the details can be totally believable, which gives it some credibility.

According to the recent revelation, the EV demonstration run can begin as soon as 2023, in the Busch Light Clash event, featuring EV models like the Mustang Mach-E, 2024 Chevrolet Blazer SS, and 2023 Toyota bZ4X.

The said EV cars will compete in 6 exhibition races as an initial step to attract the public’s attention and familiarize them with EV race cars, before the push toward an all-electric "National Series for 2025."

But before that, the participating carmakers should prove that their EV race cars fit in the NASCAR world, by complying with several requirements. Like any other Gen Seven car, the EV models should be able to score lap times equal to the current ICE Cup car and run a 30-minute race with no battery swaps or even charging. Pit stops should be strictly limited to tire changes and fixing mechanical issues. 12 EV Gen Seven cars should be present in this initial event, which means 3 to 4 cars for each carmaker.

To meet the speed requirements, the electric engines should be able to produce north of 1,000 hp with an energy supply from a 900-volt battery pack.

All this entails some customization work, but it shouldn’t be a hard job considering the modular nature of a regular Gen Seven car. Race teams just have to remove the ICE front and rear clips and replace them with their EV counterparts, while keeping the suspension and brakes intact.

That’s not all, engine noise is a large part of the NASCAR experience, that’s why they are making a big deal of it, they don’t want some timid EVs like the ones we see on the roads. The leaked document insists that the new EV Gen-7 cars should make some unique engine noises, much like the stuff we see in Formula E.

The last issue is safety, NASCAR wants to be prepared and to know how to deal with the unique challenges of an electric vehicle emergency. The solution is to look for guidance from already established EV race series, like Formula E and ERC.


NASCAR Might Run EV Racecar 2023 Electric Vehicle Racing


Maybe the biggest controversy in this document is the fact that NASCAR will be accepting new cars’ body shapes, like SUVs for example, the reason behind that is that the most powerful EVs in production right now are SUVs, so the decision will make for an easier transition to EV racing.

As mentioned before no official entity has confirmed the information mentioned on the alleged document. All we have is this brief statement from NASCAR: "As we have mentioned in the past, we are exploring the potential for an EV demonstration series. We are currently working with our OEM partners and race teams as the program progresses."

We can understand from this that NASCAR is keeping the possibilities open but without binding itself to any dates or special procedures.

As you see, even the most traditional gas-burning events have some transition plans to get into the electric age, but there’s one detail that they can’t get rid of, car protection needs!

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