CorvetteNational corvette museum factory tours



The National Corvette Museum is restarting the Corvette assembly plant tours, once again giving corvette fans the chance to rediscover the corvette in a new light. 


The special tour has been missing from the Museum’s schedule since 2017. First, because GM temporarily closed the factory, in preparation for the C8 Chevy Corvette production start, upgrading many aspects of the production process. The National Corvette Museum was planning to resume the Corvette assembly plant tours, as soon as the update works were finished, however, the coronavirus pandemic swept the world and stopped the tour again, just like all similar activities. 

Now, the National Corvette Museum decided to put an end to this unwanted hiatus before the end of this year.

Ticket sales will start on October 25 for Museum members and on November 1 for regular visitors. Tours schedule will be revealed to buyers upon purchase. And naturally, members will get priority over other visitors. But don’t worry, the museum promised that even regular visitors would get their chance before the end of the year. 








Tickets will be available online on the National Corvette Museum website as well as at the museum. Visitors are encouraged to get their tickets before heading to the museum; the institution doesn’t guarantee that the buyer would get on a tour on the same day.  

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