Acura is setting up its future roadmap through a new Precision Concept, promising a pure electric lineup.

The Honda luxury sub-brand is extremely busy these days, unveiling the NSX special edition and getting ready to enter the Le Mans endurance race. Some may say that Acura is just compensating for the less-than-expected performance of the Integra, but in reality, it looks more like a well-planned strategy, especially with the latest event that featured a new EV concept; the Precision.

Acura Precision Concept represents the company’s first adventure into pure-electric cars; the company says that all future pure eclectic Acura models will follow in the steps of the Precision.

We can take Acura’s word on that, simply because this is not the first time. The Precision name was used before in 2016, and Acura used it as an inspiration source for other production models like the current TLX.

So with the new Precision concept, we can now expect a stream of pure electric Acura’s or as the company described it: "Acura Precision EV Concept will preview performance brand's future design language for the electrified era."

Going back to the concept itself, the teaser video didn’t show much, but it strongly hinted at an SUV-like design, especially with the substantial gap between the bold wheel arch and the tire, and the headlights resembling those already used on some current Acura SUV models. The video also showed an illuminated front "grille" and logo, typical of a concept car, features that will most likely fade away with the first production model.

Anyway, we will have a full picture of the new concept during Monterey Car Week scheduled for August 18.

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