new-lincolnNew lincoln nautilus design leaked by chinese government



The new Lincoln Nautilus design was revealed in a series of photos published by the Chinese government.


The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology acts as the spoiler in the automotive world. The ministry regularly publishes new car designs ahead of their official reveal as part of the approval process, and we cannot deny that this is very helpful for journalists and car enthusiasts alike.

The latest reveal is that of the upcoming Lincoln Nautilus, the new SUV brings with it a host of new design features, chief among them, a larger front grille, slimmer headlights, and a more pronounced lower bumper. Another subtle and unusual signature detail is the LED line going through the grill, splitting it in half.

According to the Chinese official announcement, the car is offered in three trim levels. The one in the pictures here is most likely the sporty version, with its black-painted wheels and an equally dark front grille.  The Nautilus will also have a version with a more familiar chrome grille that would definitely appeal to old-school customers.

Looking at the Nautilus rear design brings back some recent memories. The light configuration looks like it was directly taken from an Audi Q8, just like the tailgate and rear reflectors. Other than that, the design looks well-proportioned and perfectly suits a modern SUV.



New lincoln nautilus design leaked by chinese governmentNew lincoln nautilus design leaked by chinese government



If you’re wondering about the new Lincoln’s availability in the American market, the car we see here will most likely never leave the Chinese shores. This huge Asian market has grown so much that car manufacturers are now making dedicated car designs for it. And thus, North America may receive its own version of the Nautilus at some point in the future, or maybe it will never do.

The Nautilus' fate in the US looks already sealed. Recent reports indicated that Ford (owner of Lincoln) will soon discontinue the production of the current model in North America, currently being produced at the Oakville Assembly Complex in Canada. This decision was interpreted as Ford's desire to make room for future EV production. The facility will probably be the birthplace for five upcoming electric Lincoln models, expected to begin production in 2026. So, in the middle of this big transformation project, it seems very unlikely to introduce a new ICE model like the Nautilus.

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