New polestarNew polestar 3 whats it sit inside new electric suv



Polestar is an interesting brand. The electric luxury sub-brand of Volvo is regularly making captivating designs like the Polestar 3 interior that we will examine here.


Polestar is relying on its new electric SUV, the Polestar 3, to drive up its sales, and give the brand more legroom to develop and experiment with more models and more novel technologies. So, what does this model have to offer? Does it have what it takes to attract buyers’ attention? 

Polestar designers seem very fond of pure minimalistic designs. That was obvious during the reveal event last week, where several prototypes were put on display.



New polestar New polestar 3 whats it sit inside new electric suv



When examining the different units, you immediately notice that different color combinations have a crucial impact on the Polestar’s cabin atmosphere and feel. For example, despite the materials' high-quality and meticulous finishing, the car with the charcoal gray interior had a more austere tone, compared to the happier-looking one with cream leather interior. That’s natural when you think about it; the absence of complicated dashboard furniture exposes the base colors and materials, giving them a bigger impact on the cabin’s design.  

On the other hand, the minimalist design gives the driver a sense of calm and serenity; the eyes can remain concentrated on driving instead of being constantly distracted by endless knobs and buttons. The panoramic glass roof and the ample headroom do a good job of amplifying the sense of space and transparency that you instantly get when riding the Polestar 3 

So is the touch screen in control of everything? Thankfully no, the Polestar 3 has one single dial sitting on top of the center armrest; it’s in charge of the volume and play/forward settings. 

The rest is all grouped on the central touchscreen; the operating system is simple and intuitive, grouping different functions conveniently without any complicated sub-menus. This setting is designed to minimize the distraction that touchscreens typically cause. 




New polestar 3New polestar 3 whats it sit inside new electric suv



The beautiful thing about the Polestar 3 design is that it didn’t neglect the back bench as some cars do. The car is built upon the SPA2 chassis, which is designed to accommodate two or three-row cars, so, having only two rows in the Polestar 3 means that the rear passengers get huge legroom, a feature that solidifies the car’s status as a luxury SUV.

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