March is almost over, but not the wave of new teasers and announcements (to our delight), here is a highlight of the most important new entries to the car’s market.


#1 Honda Electric Crossover reveals a familiar face in a Europe oriented teaser


Honda Electric Crossover Europe


Although a bit late to the EV party, Honda is announcing a new all electric model destined for the European market, it’s called e: Ny1 Prototype for now. The model is practically the same as the ones revealed previously for the Chinese market under the names e: NS1 and e: NP1 a part of their joint operations with the Chinese producers Dongfeng and GAC.

There is also an obvious resemblance to the e: NS HR-V model, minus the ICE of course.


#2 Maserati Grecale Is Here

Maserati Grecale One off Mars


Maserati has launched its newest crossover, the Grecale, adding it to the fleet of luxury vehicles. And the Italian car maker is commercializing it as a car from mars, as it’s running a vast customizations program fulfilling the needs and desires of each and every client wealthy enough to dictate his preferences. 

Adding a more dramatic air to it, Maserati said in the press release: 

«Maserati is breaking the rules and fulfilling an order from Mars. Grecale Mission from Mars is the result that goes beyond the boundaries of the Earth.»

All the hope are laid on the new crossover, the Grecale, to take on the Porsche Macan. The high riding Maserati is named after the north-easterly Mediterranean wind, it will debut in three trims, the GT, Modena, and Trofeo. 

The gas-powered variant will be launched later this year, while the EV version will keep us waiting a year longer. Maserati officials ensure us that it’s will look exactly the same as the ICE version, except for the grill.


#3 Toyota GR Corolla Shows Its Tail in New Teaser Video

Toyota GR Corolls Teased in GR86 Video


Toyota is still rising the excitement level among its fans especially those waiting for the new corolla, the GR Corolla was teased one more time this week, briefly showing the front and rear and the taillights illuminate. 

Apparently, Toyota specialist are experimenting on the audience reactions to their various commercials on this particular car, to determine the perfect way to commercialize it when the launch gets closer. 

One more good news about the GR Corolla is that it will be coming straight to the US!


#4 New Honda Civic e: HEV Hybrid Launches in Europe

Honda Civic Hybrid Launches Europe


The Honda civic is getting a new power train, and a new name in Europe. The new model, the Civic e: HEV will be a hybrid and it will be launched in European markets later this year. The car will only be available in hatchback version, for now. The US market will have to wait and make do with the 11th-generation Honda Civic launched back in April 2020 which has a completely different powertrain than what’s being launched actually in Europe.


#5 Ferrari Purosangue SUV Partially Revealed in First Official Teaser

Ferrari Purosangue SUV Partially Revealed Teaser


Finally, Ferrari has decided to show us its new Purosangue SUV, or at least part of it, the teaser images were released on Ferrari’s social media channels, revealing a smiling face, a menacing stance, and two prancing horses, that might be too little to judge the car, but it’s still enough to keep us on our toes, waiting for more.


#6 2023 Honda HR-V Teased for US Ahead of April 4 Debut

2023 Honda HR-V Teaser US Model


In what appears to be the last teaser video, we can clearly distinguish a portion of the rear and taillight of the new crossover. Honda has also disclosed the release date for the HR-V, April 4 will be the long-awaited date, on which we will discover the entirety of the new car.


#7 Chevrolet Teases Equinox EV Compact SUV

Chevrolet Equinox EV Teaser


Chevrolet is unrolling the red carpet in front of its new Chevrolet Equinox EV crossover/SUV. In their latest teaser images, we can see a red Equinox but with a white roof and mirrors, contrary to the one-toned images we saw previously in January. An interesting development that may hint to a two-tone option when the production time comes. Chevrolet encouraged its customers to stay tunes for new info about the new car, as the date of the final reveal gets closer.

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