No carmaker is willing to take a rest, always trying to steal the light with the newest and the most innovative model, this week we have some happy news for corvette lovers!


#1 Bentley Teases Mystery New Model for May 10 Debut

Bentley New Model Teased


After a great year for Bentley, the British manufacturer wants to ride on the success and keep the momentum going by introducing a new addition to its fleet. 

2020 brought with it a 31% increase in global sales, a fact that encouraged Bentley to bolster its lineup. For now, all we have is a single teaser image, showing what looks like a door panel equipped with a speaker consisting of 15 rhomboid decorative elements, with LED illumination around the speaker, and more LED elements below the armrest. It’s not clear yet where this design is heading, all we can do is sit tight and stay tuned.


#2  Tata Avinya Concept Debuts With 310 Miles of Range

Tata Avinya Concept Debut


Shortly after the Curvv concept, Tata has revealed a new concept model, this time it’s called the Avinya which means “innovation” in the old Sanskrit language according to the Indian automaker. We already see that Tata has chosen the right name for its new concept, as it represents the company’s electric ambitions. 

The Avinya rides on a new dedicated electric platform, making it the firm’s first purpose-built EV, unlike the Curvv which was built on a repurposed combustion engine platform.

The most impressive feature of the new concept car is the 310-mile range after less than 30 minutes, according to Tata’s initial estimates.


#3 Toyota GR Supra Lightweight Debuts in Europe

2023 Toyota GR Supra Lightweight


Toyota USA today unveiled the 2023 Supra, with a six-speed manual transmission.

The Supra is a sports car built for the future and will be available in two-door coupe and roadster body styles.

The car will rely on a powerful 3.0-liter V6 engine and will be offered with a six-speed manual gearbox for the first time ever on a Toyota model. 

The Supra has a lot of racing influences in it, including lightweight brakes and suspension components for improved handling and performance. a lightweight version will be launched in Europe as well.


#4 2023 Mercedes-AMG C43 Revealed

2023 Mercedes AMG C43 Revealed


The Mercedes-Benz C-Class for the 2022 model year gets a redesign, so wait for the 2023 Mercedes-AMG C43 sedan to get its styling changes. The C43 wears AMG’s Panamericana grille and has a restyled lower front bumper that’s more aggressive than the C-Class. That’s to be expected from an AMG version of any Mercedes vehicle. In addition to these styling changes, the C43 has four round exhaust pipes instead of the two oval ones in the rear bumper.


#5 Jaguar XE and XF 300 Sport Arrive in Europe

Jaguar XE XF 300 Sport


Jaguar, owned by Tata Motors, says it will make no more internal combustion-Engined cars starting in 2025. while all existing models will be electrified over the next few years.

For example, the F-Pace has a mild-hybrid setup in its new Sport version, and the XE and XF sedans have been electrified as well for their 300 Sport version in preparation for their introduction into European markets. The latter car features a turbocharged 2.0-liter gasoline engine and an electric compressor to reduce lag.


#6 TVR Griffith Electric Sports Car Announced For 2024 Launch

TVR Griffith EV 2024 Launch


The TVR Griffith is a sports car currently under development by the British automobile manufacturer TVR. It was announced in September 2017, marking a return to production of the marque after 11 years of dormancy. The Griffith will be powered by a Ford Coyote V8 engine, while an electric derivative might follow in 2024.

Its nameplate recalls TVR’s rich history, telling the story of producing the Griffith 200 (1991–2002) and the Griffith 400 (1963–1967), as well as its existence as Griffith Motor Cars and subsequent Tiger Racing, owners of the rights to the TVR brand.


#7 2024 Chevy Corvette Hybrid Teaser Previews Electrified AWD

Chevy Corvette Hybrid Teaser AWD


Chevrolet has released a teaser for its first electrified Corvette, which will be a hybrid. showing us in a short video on YouTube a camouflaged all-wheel-drive coupe, which the automaker says will arrive next year, with a fully electric version to follow. To top it off, Chevy has registered trademarks for the nameplate E-Ray a name that this model will most definitely take.


#8 AMG And Will. I. Am Tease Interesting Concept

AMG William Concept Teaser


Mercedes is doing a good job advertising its new EVs, relying on public figures to give them a wider reach.

The strategy started with "Will. I. Am" and the GT 63 S E Performance back in September 2021. And today with "Will. I. Am" again and a new obscure concept. The first teasers show what looks like a coupe, with a fairly long hood and a short rear, reminiscent of the S-Class Coupe. The official reveal is scheduled for the 5th of May.


#9 2023 BMW X1 Teaser Previews New Generation Of SUV 

BMW X1 Teaser


BMW is planning to unveil its new X1 crossover on October the 23rd, but the carmaker's dealer network has already started advertising a preview of the model. posting a teaser image up in their showroom windows, announcing an "advance preview" event on October 13th. It's not clear whether this is also BMW's planned date for unveiling the new X1, or if this is simply an effort by the dealers to drum up interest in the new crossover. We'll have to wait until October 13th to find out.

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