In this new series we will be following the most exciting announcements in the automotive industry, so let’s get right into it!

2023 Ford Ranger Raptor Is Coming to North America


The Ford ranger Raptor is finally here, and as expected this no usual pick-up truck, it comes equipped with all the off-road, rough terrain capabilities, and Ford insisted to show that off proudly by releasing pictures of it jumping through the desert. 

The official announcement came straight from the top, a tweet from Jim Farley, Ford’s CEO stated that the raptor will be on the global markets soon, including those of the United States and Canada. 

The raptors release in the US was not announced in an official statement, observes speculated that it was because the raptors arrival may be delayed until 2023 or even 2024 and maybe it has to undergo some significant changes meanwhile.

What’s important now is that the Ford Ranger Raptor is out there for all costumers with gasoline and diesel engine options.


Renault releases the Ausrtal’s last teaser before launch


Renault, the French automaker had led a long teasing game for its new model, the Austral, and it kept Renault fans on their toes for a long time.  Now that the launch date is only a few days away, Renault couldn’t resist releasing one last teaser, and it was in the form of a sketch, with no camouflage but in a graphic form.

The car is advertised as an SUV and in fact it has a number of features that support that claim, details like a large wheel arch, hiding big wheels, side-impact protection, high belt-line and off-road-inspired diffuser on the front, all give it a very muscular look. 

The release date is set for the 8th of march.


2022 Nissan Leaf Debuts in Europe


Nissan is putting back its Leaf model in the European market, but this time in an upgraded form especially on the exterior. By this, Nissan intends to keep the demand high on this electric model, through the new looks and additional options, other than that the car is essentially the same as the model released back in 2017. Some even say that Nissan is just buying time for the awaited 2025 replacement model, even though that one still to be confirmed.

The most significant changes on this model are notably the new wheel options, that come in 16- and 17-inch size, also Nissan didn’t hesitate to slap its new updated logo on the front.

What’s good also is the new range of colors available for the new leaf model, it includes six monotone shades and five two-tone color options, including the Universal Blue and Magnetic Blue finishes shared with the new Qashqai and Ariya.

Under the hood, Nissan stated that the car will keep the two-battery option, without specifying if they are still the same as the 40kwh and 62 kwh available in the previous model, with largest of them giving a maximum range of 239 miles.


2023 Kia Sportage Pricing Starts at $27,205


KIA has just announced the price range for it’s new 2022 KIA Sportage, the car is an amazing update to the previous model, it’s larger and packed with the most advanced tech, which rightfully makes it the best-selling model of all KIAs, the affordable price made it widely popular, and a vicious competitor in the already crowded crossover market.

If we get down to the number, we will find that the price tags start from $27.205 for the entry level LX front wheel drive option, now if you want the all-wheel drive, an additional $1.800 is require which ramps up to total to $29.205, the Sportage X-Line model with AWD is also available for $32.005, the price range keeps going up with each additional option until it reaches $38.005 for the Sportage X-Pro prestige.

An important detail the clients may want to know is the engine, the entire Sportage line runs on a 2.5-liter four-cylinder making 187 horsepower (138 kilowatts) and 178 pound-feet (242 Newton-meters) of torque. However, Kia has already promised other options for the powertrains.


2023 Nissan Z Production Could Begin in March with Sales in June


Nissan was rather ambiguous about its new model the Z pronto, maybe it was intentional to raise excitement and eagerness of the public who are still waiting to discover the new sports car promised by Nissan.

First talks about the Z model started with a teaser in may 2020, later in September of the same year an official announcement was made, claiming that the model will enter production shortly, a year later in august 2021 the model was uncovered showing that it wasn’t much different from the previous pronto model, that was rather disappointing for some, but still, Nissan fan remained optimistic.

Now that we’re in march 2022, Nissan is yet to commit to an official launch date for its 400 horsepower Z, however, the long-awaited timeline may have been leaked by an unknown Nissan dealership. 

The alleged official timeline claims that production will start officially this March, with the first test drives right after that in April, perfectly lined up with New York Auto Show for April 15 – 24, while the long-awaited sales will finally start next June followed by a large marketing campaign in august 


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