It was a busy week in the car’s market! As per tradition, automakers are dropping their most exciting pieces of machinery at the beginning of every spring, here is a quick highlight of 10 of the most important new announcements.


#1Porsche Leaps in the Future with a New Concept Race Car

Porsche Vision Gran Turismo


Porsche is thinking for years ahead, as it revealed a new concept car representing the future for race cars, the car is fully electric with a futuristic design, it was released initially in a digital form as part of the new Gran Turismo 7 video game, but that wasn’t enough for Porsche, so they built a real model in order to let Porsche fans grasp the real feeling of a car coming from the future.


#2 New Update to the Volvo C40 Recharge

Volvo C40 Launches Single Motor


Volvo is still working constantly to improve its EV models; in a new announcement, they released a modified version of the C40 Recharge which is already on the market since last year. The original C40 was launched as an all-electric dual motor car powered by a 78-kWh battery enough for 210 miles. While the new model, will run on a front-wheel single motor powered by a 69-kWh battery, increasing the car’s range to 269 miles.


#3 EV9 Confirmed from Kia

Kia EV9 Flagship SUV 2023


KIA has apparently selected its main EV, the main car designated to lead its electric fleet, and as expected it is the EV9. the huge 5 meters car already revealed as a concept car back in 2021, now the actual launch date is set in 2023.

Despite the huge size, The EV9 reaches 60 mph in 0.5 seconds, all thanks to a powerful electric engine. The range is expected to reach 336 miles, despite that the battery’s capacity I still a well-kept secret. KIA proudly announced the fast-charging capabilities of the EV9, it’s expected to recharge from 10% to 80% in 20 to 30 minutes, with the possibility to replenish 62 miles of range with in only 6 minutes of charging.


#4 Smart #1 Production Starting this April

Live Photos of Smart Concept 1 From IAA 2021


The Geely and Daimler’s cooperation is finally flourishing, their joint commitment to revive the smart brand has produced a car they call #1, successfully taking the brand into the electric age. The fully electric model is still under development, no launch date is given yet, however it’s rumored that an official reveal ceremony will be held this April.


#5 The Vauxhall Manta is Making a Comeback

Vauxhall Manta Will Return 2025 Electric Car


Another traditional auto-maker is planning on going fully electric, Vauxhall has promised that it will happen by 2028, but that’s not all. The company intends to keep all its hard-core fans by promising them the revival of their beloved classic, the Vauxhall Manta, but it will comeback fully electric this time. And it will hopefully happen much closer than you think, an initial launch date was set in 2025, three years before the complete transition of the brand.


#6 Special-Edition G-Wagen Edition 550 from Mercedes

Mercedes Benz G-Class 550 Edition


The Mercedes G-Wagen Edition 550 is making a comeback, as the German automaker has announced the production of 200 new models, the exclusive offer promises a special edition slightly different from the original 550 model, with special badges and new colors.

This special edition is the perfect opportunity for those who still regret missing their chance earlier when the model’s production was interrupted along with most of the Mercedes’ V8 powered models.


#7 New Electric SUV From Lotus

Lotus Electric SUV March 29 Debut


Lotus Has chosen to go down a new path in the industry, that was made evident by the announcement of a new electric SUV, that’s surely rather unusual for the brand, but still.

The “type 132” will be formally presented to the public on march 29. it’s an SUV, fully electric, and will be produced in China. The type 132 will be the first in a new series of electric cars, signaling the finale abandonment of the combustion engine by the brand.


#8 Jeep Teaser Reveals a New Electric Crossover

Jeep EV Teaser


Jeep is launching a new electric Jeep crossover, the announcement was made during the big presentation of Stallantis, in which they revealed their development and production strategy for the next decade.

The new electric Jeep is expected to be launched early 2023, but without any further details. The only thing that we have right now are two pictures, revealing some style details about the new car, which will have he same proportions as the current Jeep compass, with some new design details like the split head lights on the front .


#9 Fiat Revives Its Minivan the E-Ulysse

2022 Fiat E Ulysse Debuts Electric Europe


The Ulysse is making a comeback! Fiat is announcing the revival of the minivan as an all-electric car. With this announcement it’s clear that fiat is going with the trend and diving deeper into the electric era, knowing that this is the second fully electric vehicle from the Italian brand after the new 500e.

The Ulysse will come in two battery options, a 50 and a 75kWh, good for 205 miles. it has decent fast charging capabilities, that ensures 80% recharge in 45 minutes. The engine produces 136 hp and a maximum speed of 81 mph.


#10 a New Truck-Based SUV From Ford

2023 Ford Everest Debut Specs


Ford is still on its new models’ spree, with new truck-based SUV. It was baptized as the “ford Everest”, the new model takes great inspiration from the 2022 ranger.

 It has wider tracks for better on-road balance, longer rear doors, and wider tail lights too, while keeping the front appearance of the ranger.

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