Launching a new car is a step into the unknown, that’s why carmakers always try to launch cars that fit the needs of a large portion of the consumer base, while at the same time, building on the success of previous models. 


#1TOGG Debuts The First EV Built In Turkey

TOGGTogg first ev built turkey



TOGG, the Turkish electric vehicle startup, opened its new production facility in Turkey this week and revealed their first C-segment SUV in a grand ceremony. 

The company didn't announce the new model's name—the EV—but it will come with single or dual motors, two battery capacity options, and predicted maximum ranges of 186 miles and 311 miles respectively. The price is not yet announced, but sales are expected to start in March 2023.



#2Caterham Seven 340 Debuts

CaterhamCaterham seven 340 model debut



The Caterham Seven 340 is the latest incarnation of the purist-focused roadster, and it adopts a larger engine with increased power and torque. The Seven 340 replaces the Seven 275, and it will be available in two forms: the S-Pack version and the R-Pack variant. 

Both versions use a Ford-sourced 2.0-liter Duratec four-cylinder engine that makes 170 horsepower at 7,250 rpm and 128 pound-feet at 6,500 revs.



#3Aehra SUV Debuts In Italy

AehraAehra suv debuts italy supercar doors motorcycle mirrors



Aehra is a new Italian EV company that wants to leap above the competition with its new SUV. It's simply called the Aehra SUV, and it is the first car to have gullwing doors and butterfly doors at the same time.

Aehra prefers calling them "elytra-like doors,"; the front two open up and forward, while the rear ones simply go up." The doors are the main attraction here, but the ultra-thin side mirrors and short front/rear overhangs also capture the eye.

The mirrors are inspired by racing motorcycles. And they're steeply inclined toward the windshield—which then sweeps rearward for a fastback vibe. The body ends with an SUV's 118-inch wheelbase, giving the car an excellent departure angle.




#4Audi Q8 E-Tron Debuts

AudiAudi q8 e tron and sportback debut



The Audi Q8 E-Tron is the new name for the updated E-Tron, making it the brand's flagship electric SUV. It arrives in both the standard boxy body version and in Sportback form, with a rounder exterior. The Q8 E-Tron has updated styling that includes a fresh nose; the grille now has a self-sealing system and electric shutters that close around the radiator. 

The headlights also have a new lamp signature, accompanied by illumination around sections of the grille.





#5Volvo EX90 Debuts As Electric Luxury SUV

VolvoVolvo ex90 ev suv debut



The Volvo EX90 made its full debut as the brand's new flagship three-row SUV. The vehicle is based on a new architecture and has a fully electric powertrain, which is only the first of many new electric Volvos Volvo promises to launch. The Swedish company aims to sell only fully electric cars by 2030.

The EX90 looks modern, bold, refined, and a little edgy as Volvo embraces the form-follows-function design philosophy.



#62023 Honda Accord Debuts



The Honda Accord is a successful car, and the new generation seeks to improve on that success. The midsize sedan segment ranks high in the top 20 best-selling vehicles of the year and has been popular with buyers for years, but it faces stiff competition from other models in its class. 

The new generation seeks to attract more buyers through sophisticated styling, more tech, and a better hybrid powertrain. 



#72023 Subaru Rex Debuts

Subaru2023 subaru rex debut specs



The Subaru Rex was originally introduced in 1972 as a rear-engined kei car. In the second generation, the 1981 model year switched to a front-mounted powertrain and front-wheel drive.

The Subaru Rex is back for 2023, but this time it's not a Subaru per se. It looks more like a rebadged Daihatsu Rocky, it seems that the model has lost some of the characteristics that made it unique over the years: namely its rear-mounted engine. 

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