Kia and French car makers are stirring up the car market this week, with a significant number of special editions going around.


#1 Kia Launches Sorento 'Edition' In the UK

Kia Sorento Edition United Kingdom


Car makers always try to satisfy a larger audience every time, and they often do that by offering several trim levels and customization options, a trend that has made the process of buying a car rather complicated and overwhelming, especially for the indecisive client and those who don’t know much about cars.

That’s why Kia is exploring a different sales approach in the UK, the new Sorento edition will replace all available trim levels, grouping all main features in just one car. This move will make buying a car a quite straightforward affair. Let’s see how that would turn out.


#2 2024 Kia Seltos Facelift Debuts

2024 Kia Seltos Facelift Debut


The Kia Seltos is a compact crossover vehicle that's been around since June 2019.

In November 2019, it was introduced in North America, and today, it's getting an important update. with several interior and exterior modifications.

This time around, Kia has added new headlights with new LED lights that give the Seltos a more modern look. They also changed the front skid plate so that it's bigger and more functional, and they added a bigger mesh grille giving a more aggressive vibe to the car.


#3 Jeep Wrangler, Gladiator Get Limited-Edition

2023 Jeep Wrangler Gladiator Freedom Package


The new Jeep Wrangler Freedom Edition is back for a second year, and it's all about the American flag.

The July 4 edition of the Wrangler features a black exterior, black wheels, black accents on the inside of the car, and leather-trimmed seats with black stitching. The 2023 Wrangler will also feature an Oscar Mike badge on the back, American flag decals on each side of the fender-mounted Jeep badges above the fender flares, and body-colored fender flares.

Jeep says that a $250 donation to military-themed charities from each unit sold will be made.


#4 Hyundai Ioniq 6 Debuts

Hyundai Ioniq 6 Design Exterior and Interior Official


The Hyundai Ioniq 6 has been revealed.

The car is an all-electric vehicle featuring a body with an arched shape and flowing lines, making it look like it's gliding through the air as it drives.

The final design matches the early Prophecy concept that we saw in March, but there are still some small changes, such as revised headlights and taillights.

Hyundai promised that we'll have more technical details on July 14.


#5 2023 Acura TLX Type S PMC Edition Debuts

2023 Acura TLX Type S PMC Edition Debut


The Acura TLX Type S PMC Edition has been hand-assembled in Ohio, and it's finally here.

This latest model is the result of hard work, done by Acura Performance Manufacturing Center in Ohio.

The special vehicles will be available in three colors: Curva Red, 130R White, and Long Beach Blue. All of them have Berlina Black covering the roof, antenna, and door handles. Carbon fiber on the rear decklid spoiler while the lower side sills gain a piece of black trim, And the quad exhaust pipes have a black chrome appearance.


#6 Polestar CEO Wants to Put the O2 Electric Roadster Into Production

Polestar Boss Wants Electric Roadster


Volvo’s electric spin-off brand Polestar surprised us with the unveiling of the O2, a hardtop electric convertible with 4 seats, riding the same bonded aluminum platform as the forthcoming Polestar 5 with four seats. It’s a perfect flagship by all standards.

The CEO of Polestar talked about the prospects of selling it: “It’s a bit too early to tell what will happen to that car. We have to wait and see if it will truly be competitive in the market. When you've painted a painting, it's always good to let it rest for a bit before hanging it up in public, you don't want people thinking you've rushed your work.”

we should wait and see how this car performs before we judge it too harshly, it could prove to be quite good, or maybe even great!


#7 Renault Trafic SpaceNomad Camper Arrives

Renault Trafic Spacenomad Camper Debut


Renault is updating its in-house produced Trafic SpaceNomad camper, adding more equipment to the list of features.

The Trafic SpaceNomad is now available in France and Belgium in addition to Switzerland where it was sold exclusively when the model first came out.

The SpaceNomad features a pop-up roof that allows for additional movement space inside the cabin. An LED light on it illuminates the cabin, allowing you to keep your campsite well-lit when you're away from home.

It also has USB ports for charging devices and an extra bed when the roof is up. The Trafic SpaceNomad has enough space for four people to sleep in comfortably, so you can take along your group of friends or family members without worrying about having everyone fit inside.


#8 Citroen C4 X Debuts

Citroen C4 X Reveal Specs


If you're looking for a new car, then it's time to take a good look at the Citroën C4 X.

Crossovers are gradually taking the place of sedans and wagons. and minivans are losing sales in the process. The Citroën C4 X is an alternative to all that, taking the place of Hatchbacks and SUVs. It has the same 105.1 in wheelbase as the C4 while being 70.8 in wide and 60 in tall—it's 181.1 inches long, falling between the C4 and C5 X i in terms of length.


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