It’s not always about family cars or sports cars, the automotive industry is so vast and rich, and this week’s collection of brand-new models is a prime example of that.


2023 Abarth 500e Electric Hot Hatch Debuts

Abarth2023 abarth 500e reveal specs



Fiat's Abarth 500e is a high-performance electric small hatchback that offers more power than any other current Fiat EV.

Abarth recently revealed the Abarth 500e as an update to the aging previous-generation gasoline-fueled 500. The combustion engine was replaced by a potent electric motor.



Ford Tourneo Custom Debuts With Electric Variant

TourneoFord e tourneo custom ev phev diesel van



Ford has unveiled its new lineup of Tourneo vans. The lineup includes a fully electric powertrain in addition to PHEV and diesel options beginning in mid-2023.

The E-Tourneo is the new, electric version of the van. Its battery has a 74-kilowatt-hour capacity and an estimated range of 230 miles (370 kilometers).

The electric motor produces 215 horsepower (160 kilowatts). The vehicle can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 8.5 seconds, according to Ford.

The E-Tourneo batteries charge at 11 kilowatts AC and 125 kilowatts when DC fast charging. In fact, a fast charger can take the van from 15 to 80 percent capacity in 41 minutes, or recoup 23 miles in just 5 minutes.



EarthCruiser Debuts Dual Cab Chassis Model

EarthCruiserEarthcruiser core double cab debut



EarthCruiser is a manufacturer specializing in high-end, ultra-rugged off-road vehicles. The newest offering in the United States is the Core Dual Cab Chassis, which has room for six people and a rear section adaptable for multiple uses—like firefighting in forests or rescue operations.

The chassis is based on the Isuzu NPR Power, which comes with a 6.6-liter V8 making 350 horsepower (261 kilowatts) and 425-pound feet (576 Newton-meters) of torque. Power is transmitted through a six-speed automatic transmission and a two-speed transfer case. The six-wheel drive system includes front and rear locking differentials.



Praga Bohema Prototype Debuts

PragaPraga bohema hypercar debut



Praga is a 115-year-old Czech company that builds race cars, go-karts, and planes. The company recently announced the Bohema hypercar—a 650 horsepower (522 kilowatts) 5.5-liter V6 engine that can be driven on the track and then returned home.

Praga claims that buyers can drive it on the track and score GT3-comparable lap times, and return home as a regular sports car.

The Bohema engine is a 3.8 liter twin-turbo V6 that is related to the powerplant in the Nissan GT-R. It will make 700 horsepower (522 kilowatts) and 535 pound-feet (725 Newton-meters). It also plans to fit a dry sump oil system that would reduce its height by 5.5 inches.

The company will also use titanium exhaust pipes.

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