Polestar announced that they have launched a new OTA update that can give the Polestar 2 a 68-horsepower bump.


For the first time ever, Polestar is using an upgrade to enhance a car's mechanical performance. The total output of the EV carmaker now stands at 476 hp. Polestar owners can acquire this new upgrade for a one-time payment of $1,195. But it will be limited to the Long-Range Dual Motor version, excluding all other trims of the car.

The details of the update include, as mentioned earlier, 68 additional hp and 15 lb-ft of torque. According to Polestar, this will bring down the 0-60 mph time to only 4.2 seconds. The power difference can be felt clearly when accelerating from 44 and 80 mph, especially on the 50 to 75 mph interval.

“This upgrade highlights how connected technologies can transform the relationship a car company has with its customers,” said Thomas Ingenlath, CEO of Polestar. “The driving experience in Polestar 2 is something we are really proud of. It is such a fun car to drive already, but with this upgrade, we can offer even more to our customers who might be after a little extra excitement.”




Polestar 2 Polestar 2 owners can get additional 68 hp with latest ota update



Modern drivers are now getting used to frequent OTAs, and this one is no different, it can be easily downloaded from any location, provided that the internet connection is decent, illuminating the need for a visit to a Polestar service center.

It’s worth noting that this upgrade is not exactly new, well, it is in the US, but European polestar owners got it a year ago for €1,000, specifically in the UK, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, Germany, and Austria.

However, Polestar is playing on the edge here, similar updates and subscription-based services on already-sold cars are being frowned upon, and lawmakers in Europe are preparing to render them illegal. One famous example is Mercedes’ $100 extra acceleration monthly subscription, the feature was eventually suspended until the brand resolves “legal issues” related to this business model.  Another example is BMW’s heating seats subscription,

US legislators are taking a similar path to that of their European counterparts. The state of New Jersey, for example, has already taken the first steps to ban all additional costs to unlock already present hardware.

But for now, Polestar car owners can benefit from the extra horsepower.

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