Polestar Apple Carplay OTA Update Google Android Auto


Polestar is ready to accommodate a wider range of customers by integrating Apple CarPlay operating system into its Polestar 2 infotainment setup.

Previously, The EV producer has been relying exclusively on Google’s   Android Automotive operating system. An unprecedented choice that helped Polestar differentiate itself from other auto companies. However, Polestar seems to adjust its course a little bit, in the hopes of appealing to a wider range of drivers.  Polestar 2 electric sedan can now support Apple CarPlay, a welcomed decision for all iPhone users out there.

The change was made through a recent over-the-air software update. What this means is that Polestar 2 touch screen is now able to mirror the iPhone’s display, and even allow access to some apps. Siri also will be able to access and control the music and navigation systems.

What made this development so interesting is that Polestar seemed to entirely rely on Google’s system, refusing to develop its own infotainment systems and putting it all in the hands of Google’s native Android OS instead. Critics saw that as a new path that can lead to further developments in the auto industry.

Relying on Google’s android gave car company’s a lot of flexibility and standard benefits, like easy access to a lot of google useful functionalities, such as Google Maps, Play Music, or Google Assistant without the need for smartphones. Android system also facilitates the control of climate settings or car maintenance alerts.

The only downside is that they exclude Apple users entirely. Polestar took note of that, and now it’s not only going to accommodate iPhone users but it’s also getting ready to integrate Apple’s expansive next-generation version of CarPlay, which will supposedly be capable of controlling the car’s electronic displays at unprecedented levels.

Other car makers are still cautious of this new system, any flaws would harm the reputation of their cars directly, but Polestar with its daring futuristic views is steaming ahead confidently.

Appealing to a wider range of customers is the goal of every carmaker. They try to achieve it through increased comfort and better technologies.

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