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Polestar is to outfit Swedish hydrofoil maker Candela with batteries and chargers for electric boats.


With the rise of conventional and electric boats and the requirement for a longer range, battery technology has become increasingly important. In a joint-venture deal, Polestar will provide batteries and charging systems to the Candela Group, whose main business is building hydrofoil boats.  

Hydrofoil boats are able to travel at up to five times the speed of traditional watercraft. The boats’ design, which allows them to glide over the water, makes them more fuel-efficient than regular vessels.







Candela’s hydrofoil is designed to deliver silent performance and provides a cruising speed of up to 30 knots. Electric propulsion allows for long range operation, while its low-drag design delivers the highest level of comfort in this sector.

The deal is part of an initiative put forward by Polestar founder and CEO Thomas Ingenlath to increase manufacturing in Sweden. The company is also looking at expanding its business beyond cars and into other areas like energy storage.

“I am fascinated by the way Candela’s boats glide elegantly and efficiently through, or better, over the water – amazing proof of the great aesthetics and experiences modern, sustainable technology can create,”.According to Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath.

“That Polestar will be part of future projects with Candela by supplying an essential part for the innovative propulsion of their boats is awesome. As a battery supplier to Candela, we can help drive the transition to cleaner oceans and lakes and electrify waterborne transport.” 

It will be interesting to see how this partnership, as well as Candela's and its other partners' future, evolves over time. More creative collaborations like this one between Candela and Polestar are sure to emerge as more electric car companies go public.

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