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Amazon is expanding its Rivian electric van fleet in preparation for the busy holiday season. 


Amazon is trying to capitalize on the uptake of online shopping during the holiday season. As part of the preparation, the online shopping giant is expanding its electric delivery fleet in terms of numbers and reach as well. 

The Amazon-Rivian partnership started back in July, and since then the electric fleet has delivered more than 5 million packages in a dozen select cities. The next step for Amazon is to purchase thousands more Rivian electric vans and expand their reach to more cities in addition to the 100 or so we have now.  

Among the newest cities that will receive new Rivian vans are Austin, Boston, Denver, Houston, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Madison, Newark, New York, Oakland, Pittsburgh, Portland, Provo, and Salt Lake City. To achieve this goal, Rivian needs to deliver thousands more of its distinctive-looking vans. 

Amazon invested a substantial amount of money in Rivian, in hopes to make the transition to a more sustainable delivery fleet. The company's current fleet is mostly made up of Mercedes-Benz Sprinters, Ram ProMasters, and Ford Transit vans, in addition to 1000 Rivian electric vans. This number is expected to be increased to about 100,000 by 2030 as per the initial agreement between the two companies. This electrification project has cost Amazon more than $700 million since 2019. But it’s a small price to pay for the environment’s sake. 

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