Rivian comes up with new software that allows campers to level their vehicles on uneven grounds.


Rivian is one of those companies that are constantly looking for creative ways to improve their vehicles and make them more exciting, desirable, functional, and easily distinguishable from other carmakers.  Their latest addition to the list of innovations is software that automatically levels the vehicle on irregular grounds, allowing for more comfortable use, especially when camping in the great outdoors.

The new feature is called Camp Mode, and it was installed on the R1T truck and the R1S SUV via a recent update. Now, Rivian-owning campers won’t have an issue when looking for a suitable camping spot, they can choose any spot they want and the vehicle will take care of the rest. 

The software uses air suspension, Rivian’s algorithms, and sensors around the vehicle to adjust the height of each wheel individually, after about 20 seconds the vehicle will be perfectly level, despite the terrain irregularities. 

Camp Mode includes additional features, like timers for charging outlets and ports, lighting up a campsite with floodlights in the side mirrors, and turning off interior displays. Other advanced features can convert the Rivian’s cabin atmosphere into a hotel-like experience via the “stay on” mode, or it can preserve the battery energy through the “stay off” mode. 

Rivian issued several instructions concerning the functioning of the new Camp Mode. First, the vehicle needs to be completely parked and not charging before activating it, also the ground shouldn’t be too steep for it to function properly, and finally, the driver is advised to press the “reset ride height” button before driving again. 

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