Rivians first adventure network charging stations open in colorado california


Rivian is making it easier for the public to drive new electric vehicles on its public charging networks. 

The company has opened the first of its fast-charging sites in California and Colorado. These stations will allow drivers to reach up to 140 miles (225 kilometers) of range in 20 minutes, making it possible to travel more often without having to plug in every time.

The company has announced that all of its three charging stations will open to the public this week, with the first located in Salida, Colorado. 

The charging stations is part of Rivian’s First Adventure Network and is part of an ongoing effort to make it easier for drivers to charge their electric vehicle (EV) when they are out exploring the country. 

“We designed Rivian charging to support electrified adventure, and these first sites demonstrate how we’re enabling drivers to responsibly reach some of the nation’s most breathtaking natural spaces,”, “In addition to scenic or off-the-beaten-path destinations, our fast charging rollout is designed to ensure travelers have places to charge along major transportation corridors coast to coast.” Trent Warnke, Rivian's Senior Director of Energy and Charging Solutions stated.




Rivians first adventure network charging stations open in colorado california


The company is committed to powering its charging stations with green electricity, but that doesn't mean they'll always be green. In order to power these charging stations with green electricity, Rivian has partnered with clean energy companies which will help the automaker meet the demand for charging stations by providing them with renewable energy sources. 

Rivan plans to deploy 3,500 fast chargers across North America by 2023. The automaker is showing the world that electric vehicles are viable and that they can create an entire network of infrastructure to support them. 

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