Rolls-Royce Rolls royce invents lifesaving suicide doors


Rolls-Royce has always been the face of luxury vehicles, and new models like the Phantom are expected to maintain this reputation.  


Aside from all the technological and luxury elements in it. One of the main features that sets a Rolls-Royce apart from other cars is the suicide doors or rear-hinged doors. With such detail, a casual gesture like getting off your car suddenly becomes an extremely elegant moment.  

But those doors always had a little problem, they are abnormally heavy, due to all the comfort features buttons and knobs packed in it, the company solved this problem by installing a small electric motor that makes opening those doors a little bit easier. In fact, the doors are fully capable of opening and closing up automatically. 

However, technicians quickly realized that the rear-hinged doors still pose a great safety hazard, an unaware passenger can suddenly open them in the face of oncoming traffic, putting himself or other drivers at risk, and causing a lot of otherwise preventable damage, with the electric motor making such unfortunate events even more likely. 

Rolls-Royce isn’t sitting idle, a new patent to counter this issue has surfaced recently, published by the trademark office. The documentation was filed By Rolls-Royce’s parent company, BMW with the German Patent and Trade Mark Office, and it details how sensors will be able to control the opening action of the doors to prevent accidents. 

Now, the filing of the patent by BMW itself may imply that the technology will be available in future BMW models, but that’s a story for another day. 

So basically, the new patent takes regular common exit warning technology, develops it, and put it in control of the car’s doors. 




LiDARRolls royce invents lifesaving suicide doors


Instead of just a chime, the system will disable the assistance mechanism, making it harder to open the door, if the passenger keeps insisting, the door may actively resist the maneuver until the danger has passed. Radar and/or LiDAR will be responsible for monitoring traffic and potential dangers nearby and providing the necessary information for the safety system to operate. 

The date on the patent says 2020, which means that we can hope to see it soon on some Rolls-Royces models, like the new Rolls-Royce Spectre for example.

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