RumorRumor ford bronco and ranger to go electric before 2030



New rumors talking about an electric Bronco have been circulating lately, suggesting that it will arrive as soon as 2029.


This information first appeared on AutoForeCastSolutions, the blog mentioned some very specific information, saying that the electric Bronco will break cover in November 2029, only one month after the already scheduled death of the current ICE version. Don’t worry, the electric version won’t come alone, a new second-generation ICE is coming with it, perhaps featuring some form of hybridization. 

Admittedly, this information has no official basis, but AutoForeCastSolutions is known for its accurate leaks. From a logical point of view it also makes sense, in the past two years, Ford launched its first electric vehicles, the F-150 Lightning and Mustang Mach-E, and both of them were spectacular successes, so it only makes sense to keep going with another iconic model like the Bronco.

The electric Bronco will most likely be branded as the Bronco Lightning, but until its release, the current model should keep pushing on for a few more years. And perhaps an update or two may be helpful to keep it on the higher end of the off-road vehicle spectrum.






Just like all scheduled electric trucks and SUVs, the upcoming Bronco Lightning will most likely be built upon the TE1 platform, while its ICE sibling will keep using the more than capable T6 platform.

The new rumors didn’t talk exclusively about the Bronco. The Ranger got its fair share of speculation as well. An electric version of the model, aka the Ranger Lightning, will presumably debut on the same date as the Bronco. But before that, we should prepare to welcome the first electric Explorer SUV at some point between 2023 and 2024.

This slew of electric trucks and SUVs is only expected, Ford’s main competitor in the off-road world, Jeep, has already revealed the Recon, the electric successor of the Wrangler. This has put more pressure on Ford to try to keep up with the competition.

If this information turns out to be true, production of the regular Bronco will remain at the Michigan Assembly Plant, while the EV version will be made in Ford’s new electric facility, “Blue Oval City” in Tennessee.

But until Ford discloses its plans, there’s nothing more we can do, other than wait and check on Ford’s web pages from time to time.

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