Spy Shots: Corvette E-Ray Caught Testing Ring


The first ever Hybrid corvette, the Corvette E-Ray is almost ready to roll! Caught recently doing some laps on the Nürburgring.

After years of rumors and some trademark leaks, now we know for sure that the Corvette E-Ray, the first ever hybrid corvette is going into production very soon.  The car was spotted doing testing laps at the famous German Nürburgring.

The photos prove that the new car, or at least this prototype has adopted the new wide-body design, the same one we see in the more conventional Z06, minus the quad exhaust on the back.

The general design lines of the current corvette model are preserved here, we don’t see any radical updates, outside of a more flattened hood and the slightly larger headlights. We only hope to see the car without camouflage soon, to have a closer look at all the design details.


Spy Shots: Corvette E-Ray Caught Testing Ring


The entrails of the new Corvette E-Ray are composed of a single electric motor at the front axle, coupled with the Stingray's 6.2L V8 powering the rear axle. The result of their combined effort is at least 650 hp. Also, the possibility of plug-in capabilities is still open, which may allow the car to have a small electric range extension.

The electrification of the corvette will happen gradually with each new model. We expect to see a hybrid with dual electric motors with the advent of the Corvette Zora. And a fully electric corvette before 2035, perhaps with the upcoming C9 Corvette. These plans were revealed several times by multiple sources, all noting that corvette is following GM’s strategy of full electrification by 2035.

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