TiguanSpy shots vw tiguan spotted testing austrian alps



The new generation VW Tiguan was spotted recently in Austria. This uncovered ICE version is apparently doing its final testing rounds.


It has been one hell of a ride for the VW Tiguan. First launched in 2007, the model went through several transformations in 2011, 2015, and 2020. And now with the ICE cars approaching the end of their journey, VW is preparing a third-generation Tiguan for 2024. The upcoming C-SUV will naturally be up-to-date with current propulsion technology and regulations, it will have a traditional ICE-powered version, side by side with hybrid forms and a BEV variant.

With the EV craze growing stronger with each passing day, carmakers don’t have time or resources to work on new ICE models. The only solution they have is to extend the life of their current models by launching new generations and doing facelifts from time to time. So, we should expect to keep seeing new versions of the Polo, Golf, T-Roc, and Tiguan until the dreaded 2030 deadline arrives. Furthermore, VW calculated that ICE models will still constitute approximately three-quarters of its profits until 2026, a fact that makes maintaining the traditional gas-powered cars a necessity more than just a choice. This doesn’t mean that carmakers will stubbornly stick to making ICEs, they will probably introduce the new generation in a subtle mild-hybrid or plug-in hybrid format. 



TiguanSpy shots vw tiguan spotted testing austrian alps



Let’s get back to the car now! The new Tiguan is obviously taking after recent ID. range models, which is a new trend across the entire VW lineup. The SUV will have several new design features like full-width LED headlights and taillights, a textured cover for the intakes, and a lot more curves. The new design details also give the car a sportier and aerodynamic vibe, although the dimensions didn’t change a lot compared to the current model. 

As it’s expected from every updated model, the Tiguan will come with an overhauled cabin, the car will feature a new fully digital cockpit and an advanced head-up display. In addition to new advanced safety features from VW, like the latest ADAS.

The third-generation Tiguan will break cover at some point in 2024. With production scheduled for 2025.

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