The sedan

Second Generation VW Phaeton Details


The sedan was designed with a long wheelbase and was intended to be practical. 

The Phaeton, the luxury saloon car made by German car manufacturer Volkswagen Group, was an extremely expensive car to manufacture. Economists estimate that each vehicle sold costs the company about 28,000 euros on average. Despite this fact, the automaker planned to give it a direct successor.

However, the plan was changed when Dieselgate occurred and many projects were scrapped, including a direct successor for the stately sedan. The company instead decided to channel most of its financial efforts toward developing an electric vehicle platform the MEB.

The Phaeton, a luxury car from Volkswagen which was released 20 years ago went through multiple changes during its development. To celebrate the milestone, VW released images last week of a fully working prototype.

The German automaker has not yet released any details about its technical specifications, but they are expected to follow the same design cues as other models from this family including the Touareg SUV and Phideon sedan.


The sedan

Second Generation VW Phaeton Details


The second-gen VW phaeton unlike its predecessor could only be bought in long-wheelbase form. This made sense as it needed more space in the cabin while not impairing fuel efficiency as much as the short version would've done.

Several engine options were considered for the Phaeton, including a V6 gasoline and diesel unit with 340 and 286 horsepower. Also in the works was a plug-in hybrid powertrain based around a V6 gasoline engine—available for a while in the Touareg—that produced 455 hp. The massive 900 Nm (664 pound-feet) of torque, however, was slated for the Euro-spec model.

The W12 engine was again used in the top-of-the-line Phaeton, which is now available with 650 hp and 900 Nm (664 lb-ft) of torque in the Bentley Continental GT Speed.

While it may seem like an idea has been abandoned, VW is still selling the Phideon in China—and it's being sold as a luxury sedan. The Phaeton D2 would have been a fascinating vehicle to see introduced by VW.

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