SubaruSubaru levorg crosstrek tokyo auto salon



Subaru will enter this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon with two offerings, a modified Levorg STI and a new Crosstrek Boost Gear.


Tuner vehicles have a limited number of world-class sanctuaries, SEMA Las vegas is perhaps the most famous, but the Tokyo Auto Salon is not too far behind. This year’s version will start on January 13 and will feature a plethora of unique designs and over-the-top tuner cars. Subaru appears to be well-prepared for the event, introducing two new models; the Levorg STI Sport # prototype and the Crosstrek Boost Gear concept.

Yes, we agree, the name looks strange, and we don’t even know how it should be pronounced exactly. But never mind the name, this one special Levorg STI Sport # runs on a boosted 2.4-liter boxer four taken from the R EX trim. This small beast can make 271 hp, which is almost 100 ponies more than what the Levorg original 1.8-liter flat-four can make.



SubaruSubaru levorg crosstrek tokyo auto salon



And just as in the original Levrog, the limited Sport # will have a continuously variable transmission, this might be a dealbreaker for hardcore manual fanatics, but Subaru wants to remedy the transmission issue by promising an “enhanced stable handling and premium drive feel”. The company also counts on the elegant bodywork to distract their attention from the absence of a third pedal. The Levorg STI Sport # will be sold exclusively in Japan and in very limited numbers.

On the other side of the exposition, The Crosstrek Boost Gear concept will be all about style and new technologies. The car will share a lot of features with the third-generation Crosstrek. The first and most striking features are the new LED light bar and a roof-mounted tent. Door sills have gained some weight and volume, while all door sills are now equipped with steps to facilitate access. These new details are obviously all in the service of the Off-road theme that the car adheres to.  The Crosstrek Boost Gear concept now sits on large off-road tires that raised its height significantly. 

Other minor details all worked together to give the concept a distinct personality, different from that of the original Crosstrek, this includes a modified grille, front bumper, wheel arches, and new turquoise body paint. The goals behind making the Boost Gear concept are not yet clear. The company may sell the model in limited numbers, as it’s the tradition with most tuned models. Or it may sell the new body kit to willing Crosstrek owners.

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