SunrunFord's charging partner, launches a home EV charger (



Sunrun made a new EV charging solution for homeowners by offering a solar-powered home EV charger.


From its headquarters in San Francisco, Sunrun has launched a new 40-amp Level 2 EV charger, compatible with all EV models and offering a new level of settings and control over charging operations. This new product will help the company to grow even more, and sit comfortably on its throne as the largest residential solar and battery storage installer in the US.

California, New Jersey, and Vermont will be the starting points of Sunrun’s new charger, after that, commercialization will spread rapidly to cover the entirety of the United States by the end of the year.

The feature that makes this charger stand out among its competitors is the ability to connect it with a rooftop solar plus battery storage system – customers will have this option upon purchase-.

Statistics show that charging your electric car at home frequently will result in an average of 50% increase in electricity usage. So, Using Sunrun’s combined charging system makes sense, solar power will help homeowners lower their electricity consumption considerably.

Charging EVs using solar power will not only lower the electricity bill, but it will also reduce the pressure on the power grid, helping to reduce the environmental impact of power production, which is the whole point of making and driving EVs.

Mary Powell, chief executive officer of Sunrun is extremely confident that the new EV charger will be received positively by the customers, she said:

“There is a strong correlation between EV ownership and solar adoption. People want to charge their vehicles with a clean, reliable energy source that’s cheaper than what they’re used to paying. As we work with customers to understand their energy needs, our new EV charger, coupled with our ability to potentially upsize home solar systems to meet those needs, position us nicely to help them future-proof their homes and provide peace of mind.”[i]

It’s important to note that Sunrun is Ford’s official charging partner and is also the biggest Tesla Powerwall certified installer. These are two priceless badges that Sunrun is using to push itself forward, putting itself at the forefront of EV charging in the country.

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