ThailandTesla launches in thailand vying to compete with china evs



The world's most ambitious electric car project has arrived in Thailand. Tesla Motors, the company that makes luxury electric cars, aims to compete in China's EVs market. 


Tesla has entered Thailand with its Model 3 and Model Y car models, seeking to compete in the fast-growing electric vehicles segment while facing tough competition from Chinese vendors that dominate the region. The move comes as the company pushes ahead with plans to expand abroad seeking to grow beyond the United States market.

Now that Tesla has launched its much-anticipated Model 3 and Model Y in the country, it appears likely to challenge the auto market's heavyweights. The company plans to roll out low-priced versions of its Model 3 and Model Y SUVs with the aim to sell more EVs models over the next few years. The models will be upgraded with a host of new features, including an updated dashboard display, improved safety features and the latest satellite navigation system, according to the automaker.

The company said that Thailand's "rapidly-growing population" and "strong infrastructure" make it a great place for Tesla to expand its operations. In addition, Tesla added that it is committed to providing its customers with an affordable, clean, reliable electric vehicle (EV) option. The automaker is also looking to expand its presence in the Southeast Asia market, where it aims to establish a network of over 10 countries set up by 2023.

As EV technology continues to gain traction around the world, it seems possible that Tesla could become a big player in Thailand's EV scene sometime soon. Indeed, Tesla probably has much to offer Thai drivers, both in terms of their EV models, as well as with their Supercharger network. It will be interesting to see if there is enough interest on the part of the Thai consumers to spur the company into expanding its EV product line. 

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