Tesla Model Y Best Selling


When it comes to Tesla, the numbers don't lie.

While the Tesla Model Y is already a sure hit, it's expected to become even greater than previous iterations. By far the most dominant electric crossover from a sales perspective, the Model Y is now on track to become the world's best-selling car.

Meanwhile, the Toyota Corolla is the current world's highest-selling vehicle with 1,150,000 cars sold last year. However, Tesla has a new target in sight: 1.3 million cars per year by 2022 which would enhance the Model Y’s success.

Although the Tesla Model 3 has been a huge success for Tesla, its success story pales in comparison to that of the Model Y compact SUV. Not only does the newly released Tesla Model Y beat previous best-selling SUVs in sales, but it’s also considered to be one of the world’s most expensive vehicles that have been sold quickly.

It's no secret that Tesla has struggled to compete with other luxury car companies in terms of sales, but the Model Y seems to have finally found its footing. The company has had trouble getting people interested in its vehicles and keeping them happy after purchase, but the Model Y appears to have found a way around this issue—and it's definitely not because of its price tag.

The Model Y has already had a successful launch, and its popularity is already on the upswing. This vehicle is not only innovative, but it's also convenient and efficient—all things that make for a successful product in today's marketplace.

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