NovemberTesla model y was europe best selling car overall november



November 2022 Car sales in Europe show that the Tesla Model Y was the best-selling passenger car.


In a great comeback after the October disappointment, Tesla Model Y gained 50 places and ranked first on the car sales chart in Europe, surpassing the Volkswagen Golf and many other popular cars in the old continent.

In numbers, Tesla sold 19,144 units of the electric crossover, which translates into a 260 percent increase in the same month last year. This is the car’s second achievement this year, after topping Europe's overall car sales in September. And the third for the EV company, considering that the Model 3 did the same feat last March.

The sudden sales increase contributed to a 97 percent rise in Tesla's total sales in Europe, where the model Y sales made up more than half the total company’s sales.

Moreover, The Model Y had no contenders in its segment, the rest of the podium was composed of two combustion engine cars; the Dacia Sandero and the Toyota Yaris. These monthly gains didn’t change the larger picture though, according to Dataforce and Automotive News Europe, the Peugeot 208 is still Europe’s best-selling car in 2022, with a sales volume of 193,743 until November.



modelTesla model y was europe best selling car overall november



On a smaller scope, the largest car market in Europe, Germany, was always a good indicator of the car industry situation in the entire continent. There, the model 3 was more successful than its Y sibling, topping the car sales numbers this November, according to the German national auto agency numbers.

The agency indicated that 6.811 new Model 3s entered the German market, while the Model Y scored half that. These numbers coincided with the delivery start of the refreshed Model S and Model X in Germany, the new models sold a modest 106 and 35 units, respectively. Nevertheless, Tesla’s sales in the country reached record levels this year.

All of these members bring to mind Musk’s prediction that Tesla will be the world’s largest car manufacturer in 2023. We should just wait and see how things will play out for the EV pioneer.

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