teslaTesla releases software update improved charging efficiency more



The latest Tesla update can make charging faster, more efficient, and cheaper.


Tesla owners got used to frequent software updates from the carmaker. These updates are made possible through the OTA technology, available in all Teslas made in the course of the last ten years. Tesla is using the full potential of this technology, sending regular updates that can both enhance the car’s performance and improve the driving experience as well.

The latest update aka the 2022.40.1 update can be classified into both categories. According to Tesla’s official note, its main purpose is to improve charging efficiency.

During DC fast charging, the thermal system controls have been optimized for each charging station’s power capability, improving both charging and on-route battery preconditioning efficiency. This results in fast charge time and reduced energy costs.

This is good news for all Tesla owners, they can now benefit from faster charging at a noticeably lower cost.

The second part of the updates includes some new features that can make driving more comfortable. The first feature is some kind of combination of the existing Dog Mode and Sentry Mode; dog mode is a safety feature that allows drivers to safely keep their pets inside the car, it can automatically control the climate inside, while displaying a message on the screen, saying that the pet is not in danger. Sentry Mode on the other hand is a monitoring system that can alert the driver if the car is being approached. The new update will presumably combine the two, basically, if the dog mode is activated the Sentry Mode won’t launch a loud alarm, it will just send a notification to the driver’s phone and keep recording any events around the car. The new measure will avoid startling the pet sitting inside.

The last feature in this update is the “Driver Door Unlock Mode”; this feature allows the driver to unlock all doors and the trunk just by long pressing the interior driver door switch. To access the new mode, tap Controls > Lock > Driver Door Unlock Mode.

Tesla owners will also discover one last bonus feature, media players will now display radio station logos, making finding your best stations easier.

As usual, implementing the new update on the entirety of Tesla’s fleet can take several days, so the company urges its customers to expect its installation anytime this week.

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