Tesla's 1100bhp Tri-Motor Models Launch Europe Year


Tesla has confirmed that Europe will be where it will release a new variant of the Model S and Model X.

The Tesla Model S and Model X are ready to be released into the European markets.  According to sources, Tesla has already started working on a new variant, the 1100bhp tri-motor Plaid.

The Model S Plaid will allow for 396 miles of range on a single charge and the Model X Plaid can achieve 333 miles upon moderate acceleration. Although these are based on pre-production units, Tesla has said that they expect no major changes in performance or range when production begins later this year.


Tesla's 1100bhp Tri-Motor Models Launch Europe Year


These statistics are just part of Tesla's latest announcement, which also includes all-electric versions of the Model S and X that will be able to reach speeds of 200mph and 155mph respectively. The Model S Plaid is capable of hitting 62mph in 1.9sec and the Model X Plaid is capable of reaching 62mph in 2.5 sec, both numbers are much faster than other Teslas on sale today. The two models will be priced at €138,990 (£118,005) and €141,990 (£119,721), respectively.

We'll definitely be keeping our eyes peeled for those European models, and we hope that Tesla sees success with them. It will be interesting to see where Tesla goes in the future, especially now that the company is moving forward into a new market.

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