Polestar, the futuristic automaker has revealed a new awesome Electric concept car. It was baptized as O2, the new car is based on the same revolutionary aluminum platform designed originally for the polestar 5 sedan. 

The new car is without doubt a jewel, we’ve never seen such an elegant convertible EV, Polestar intends to put it up in direct competition with the most famous sports cars, the likes of the Porsche 911. 

Car critics and regular fans were equally captivated by the new concept car, and they are surely hoping for it to get into the production phase as soon as possible. 

Now let’s get down to the design details, the Polestar didn’t release any technical details, but the design is enough to keep everyone on their toes. 

The O2 has a supercar-like nose that’s extremely low, with not a lot of dash-to-axle ratio, the front and rear overhangs are both short. With a closer look you can notice a lot of sharp lines and details, and the cherry on the top is of course the excellent blue paint.

This concept car is a convertible with an awesome folding hardtop, that stows under the rear deck while keeping enough room for spacious back seats. The O2 looks change dramatically depending on the roof, when it’s on it looks like a fastback coupe, without it’s down, it reveals an awesome bodywork with a dominant rear. The roof is comprised of two pieces, each of them containing a large glass panel, which gives the car a sunroof and a rear window at the same time.




The concept car’s interior took a lot of inspiration from the Precept’s cabin, with a minimalist design comprised of a single large central panel floating over the dashboard, coupled with a simple center console and steering wheel. 

The O2 has more up its sleeves, car makers always add some creative stuff to their concept cars, Polestar this time went even further, they equipped the vehicle with an autonomous drone that can fly to speeds up to 56 Mph, programmed specifically to film the car, the driver can choose between a beauty or action filming style, and the video will be automatically available of the infotainment screen for further editing and sharing.

On the environmental aspect, polestar thinks that electric power isn’t good enough, that’s why the O2 is “mono-material” car, in other words all the soft components of the car are manufactured from recycled polyester. This production method has many positive point, for starter, the manufacturing of the car is made easier and more environment friendly thanks to the possibility of recycling most of the car parts. On the performance side, this specific material makes the car lighter and consequently more energy efficient. 

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