New Range Rover Sport SVR Looks like a Porche Cayenne Killer


While the new Range Rover Sport SVR approaches its international release date, the brand is upping its teaser game, showing more and more of its latest car.

The last images featured a show sample wearing much less camouflage than usual, which revealed more design details about the car.

Obviously, the new land rover will adhere religiously to the Brand’s main design doctrine, which is always a good thing! But this fact didn’t stop the designers from giving it its own distinct personality.

Starting from the front, the grill is well sized and doesn’t dominate the scene, and it’s noticeably flanked by new sets of headlights that are slimmer than usual.

Maybe the most obvious feature of the new SVR is the wheelsets, riding on some 22-inch wheels, with very obvious red calipers. this setting hints strongly at a sporty application and maybe a powerful engine.


New Range Rover Sport SVR Looks like a Porche Cayenne Killer


Another strong hint of the sporty orientation is the Quad tailpipes sticking out from the back. No other sports model has them except for the now obsolete SVR Sport. 

All these design features will be in the service of the new 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8, coming straight from BMW’s inventory. The engine will replace the original 5.0-liter supercharged V8 found on the previous model. And it will be able to produce 523 hp and 553 lb.-ft of torque Which is a bit short of what’s expected from a sports range rover.

The engine is not completely unknown, BMW is putting it under the hoods of some of their own new models, like the XM for example. Although in the XM case it’s coupled with a hybrid system that compensates for its relative lack of power, raising the horse count to 750.

Anyway, all we’ve got to do is wait for further information before making a complete assessment of the new Range Rover Sport SVR power.

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