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Creators Of The Lykan Hypersport Built An SUV For The Dubai Police


If you have a high-speed fantasy, Dubai is the worst place to do it. Over the years, the wealthy Arab emirate has equipped its police force with some of the most exotic sports cars ever, it may seem like an unnecessary expense for some, but from another perspective it’s perfectly logical, in a city filled with exotic sports cars, the police force cannot let itself fall behind, it must have equally fast cars to keep up with speeding rascals at least[i].

However, cars like the Mercedes-AMG GT may be a great publicity stunt for the police department, but it’s definitely not suited for off-road work. That area is reserved for the latest addition to the fleet, the Ghiath Smart Patrol, Ghiath roughly means rescuer in Arabic, the mean-looking off roader is the result of a collaboration between W motors and the Dubai police. And unlike the previous cars, this one is heavyweight lifter, it will be in charge of most of the action, especially chasing after dessert bandits and warding of illegal desert racers. In the few coming years, 400 cars are expected to be delivered in addition to the 10 unites already at work in and around the city.

It looks like the famous Nissan patrol was the base for these awesome police car, with all the modification focused on making it look meaner and more menacing, a bull bar was added to the grill with LED emergency lights scattered all over the grill, roof, side mirrors and roof rails.



Creators Of The Lykan Hypersport Built An SUV For The Dubai Police


That’s not all, Ghiath is not just a muscular brute, it holds some of the most advanced technological features, destined to facilitate police work, stuff that we don’t see very often, especially not in these parts of the world, like a roof-mounted surveillance camera and a deployable drone, to scout ahead or reach the rare places where the car can’t go.

Ghiath designers didn’t neglect the police officers aboard the car, a little bit of comfort is always welcomed, the seats are plush leather-trimmed and there is also a central touch screen that makes work a little bit easier

However, the luxury wasn’t extended to the rear seats, the unfortunate passenger who would be sitting there will have only molded plastic seatings, just enough for the trip between jail and courthouse.

The car’s power was not disclosed, but we already have a good idea about the Nissan patrol output, it runs on a powerful V8, which is able to produce 428 horsepower and 413 lb.-ft in some variants. 

After years of publicity work, we can clearly see that Dubai police is now reorienting its focus towards practicality, and that’s what we all should do as car owners, no matter how beautiful your car is, it’s never a good idea leaving it out in the open exposed to all kinds of dangers. The weather is your first enemy, the combination of UV sun rays, dusty winds, heavy rain and hail can absolutely ruin your car.

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