bmwThe next gen bmw 5 series wagon has been spotted for the first time



The rumors turned out to be true! BMW is offering a wagon version of the next-generation BMW 5 Series.


It’s still almost an entire year before the official launch of the next-generation BMW 5 Series, but we can already see the main components of the lineup. The latest discovery is this electrified 5 Series Touring (the wagon version of the 5 series).

These pictures were taken near a BMW facility, showing an electrified 5 Series Touring prototype, several hints confirm that this is indeed an electric 5, but it’s not clear whether it was a pure electric or a plug-in hybrid.

On the other hand, the “electrified vehicle” sticker on the back and the absence of exhaust pipes may prove that this is not just an electric 5 series, but that it’s indeed the i5. The pure electric i5 was previously spotted numerous times before. But this is the first time we catch the wagon in its natural habitat.

The full picture regarding the various powertrains of the 5 series hierarchy is not yet clear. But over the weeks, we gathered fragments of what’s really happening under the hood.

The PHEV variant will most likely use a turbocharged four-cylinder or six-cylinder engine, coupled with a hybrid system, and a small battery, combining both combustion and electric power to boost performance and reduce emissions at the same time.

The i5 on the other hand will have three engine options; eDrive40, xDrive40, and i5 M50.

The basic eDrive40 will be rear-wheel-drive, the other two options however are all-wheel-drive. This will be achievable using a dual electric motor setup, tuned electronically to deliver power to all wheels simultaneously. The car’s output is not disclosed yet, but as a reference, the former generation, i4 M50, makes 536 horsepower, so the i5 is expected to go well beyond that.

In other related news, the German carmaker was also spotted testing a new electrified M5 prototype. The performance-oriented vehicle is expected to use a twin-turbo V8 supplemented with electric motors. The combined effort will presumably produce more than 650 hp. More power can be achieved using a similar setup to the one used on the XM Label Red, but that’s still just a yet-to-be-confirmed hypothesis.

Back to our 5 Series Sedan and Touring (Wagon), the vehicles are scheduled for a late 2023 debut, with a high possibility that the i5 will have the same debut date.

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