Polestar is inching forward towards full sustainability, The Polestar 3 is the next step, a fully electric SUV and the most sustainable one on the market.

Competition in the EV market is getting harder every day. The scene is getting crowded with new impressive models popping up all the time. That’s why Carmakers are searching for new ways to make their new models stand out. Polestar is already a step ahead of its competition thanks to its newest SUV, the full-electric Polestar 3, what makes this model special is the number of sustainable materials used in it.

Using sustainable materials in EVs is the most logical thing to do, preserving the environment is the main goal of EVs after all. Polestar’s statement explains that more poetically “Polestar 3 reimagines the SUV through premium electric performance and innovative, sustainable technology. Changing the automotive landscape while keeping the environment a priority”.

That’s not all, Polestar has an ambitious plan to become a carbon-neutral company, producing climate-neutral cars exclusively by 2030. A hard task especially when you consider that this goal entails going for ethical and environmentally responsible operations on every step of the production process and supply chain as well.


Polestar 3 Newest Sustainable SUV


Polestar 3 is expected to be wrestling with the Porsche Cayenne, each of them trying to take its place as the best Electric SUV on the market. Polestar is getting used to competing with larger carmakers despite its young age. It was previously compared to Tesla. And to say the truth, the company deserves to be up there with the big heads of the car industry, its innovative Sustainable Experience Architecture platform is enough testament to the brand’s worthiness.

Back to the car itself, the Polestar 3 will most likely have a dual electric motor, one for each axle. And the large battery will be enough to push the car for 372 miles on a single charge. Enough to put it on par with the best EVs out there.

The path that polestar has taken is nothing short of impressive, starting as a small Volvo sub-brand, now it’s growing exponentially and will most likely lead the world of EVs in the near future.

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